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Kantian Ethics
What Is Kant's Theory of Ethics?

Kant believed in an objective right or wrong based on reason.
We should do right things not because it fulfils our duty but because it is right.
We know right, not right to rely on fact and intuition but by using our…

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that it followed that there must be a God and life after death, otherwise morality would make no
sense. Autonomy of the will, Heteronomy is the opposite ­ something = right if it satisfies our desires

Kant Hume (No such thing as Objectivity)

Synthetic a Priori

We do not follow…

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that time moves forwards ­ our mind imposes this on our experiences to make sense of
them. We therefore could never demonstrate or prove this through experience.
It is like that with the categorical imperative: certain actions are logically inconsistent and
would make no sense as universal laws, such as…


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