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Fabric Finishes
A fabric finish is applied at different stages of the production process and
improves the appearance or properties of a product.
Fabric finishes are used to:
Enhance appearance
Change texture
Improve feel and drape
Modify wearing qualities
Modify care requirements
There are 4 different finishing processes:
1. Physical
2. Chemical
3. Biological
4. Coated
Chemical finishes
Involves chemical substances and is applied to a cloth through coating or
Chemical finishes can make a fabric:
· Water repellent
· Stain resistant
· Crease resistant
· Flame retardant
· Shrink resistant
Finish What is it? Brand Process Examples of
Water-repell Resistance of Teflon Chemicals, All weather
ent fabrics to Scotchguard usually wear,
surface silicone clothing,
wetting and based are tents
water sprayed on
Stain Resistant to Teflon Silicone School
resistant stains Scotchguard based finish uniforms
which stops
absorption of
Crease Resistant to Resin applied School
resistant creasing to the fabric uniforms,
which is blouses

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Flame Resistance to Proban Chemicals Children's
resistant flames- slow applied at the nightwear
down yarn or fabric
burning stage
Shrink Resistance to Resin based childrenswea
resistant shrinking finish or r
with chlorine
can be used
Physical finishes
Involves machine that use heat, pressure, steam and mechanical processes
A machine is used to change the fabric:
Stone washing
Finish What is it? How it is done? Examples of use
Brushing Giving the fabric Fabrics pressed Bedding, fleece
a fluffy, warm…read more

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Biological Finishes
Involves the use of natural enzymes. Used for plant-based fibres such as cotton.
Enzymes and bacteria will be used to biostone denim. Less expensive than
stonewashing and more environmentally friendly.…read more


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