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Natural Fibres
Cellulose/ Plant Protein/Animal
Cotton- pant Linen- flax Ramie Wool Silk Mohair- angora
Cool to wear Cool to wear Average warmth Warm Cool, but good Warmer than
unless brushed High absorbent Good absorbency Slow absorbency insulator wool
Highly absorbent Fast drying Comfortable Slow drying Fast absorbency Poor absorbency
Slow drying Stiffer than cotton Stiff, doesn't Fine wool V comfortable Luxurious
Comfortable Firm handle drape well -soft Soft handle Light
Soft handle Good drape Strongest fibre Coarse wool- Elegant drape Luxury handle
Good drape Strong Not durable scratchy Good strength Good drape
Strong Creases badly Little elasticity Good drape Creases drop out Durable
Creases easily Easy care Can be washed Medium strength Crease resistant
May shrink Good elasticity Extreme care
Easy care May shrink…read more

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Regenerated Fibres
Viscose Acetate Modal
Low warmth Low warmth Low warmth
More absorbent than cotton Low absorbency Highly absorbent
Comfortable Fast drying Very comfortable and soft
Good drape Comfortable, prone to static Silky, soft handle
Soft or firm handle Soft handle Good drape
Lower strength than cotton Elegant drape Lower strength than cotton
Creases easily Low strength Poor elasticity, creases
Washable Elasticity higher than viscose, Easy care
Easy to iron creases
Thermoplastic…read more

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Synthetic Fibres
Polyester Polyamide(Nylon) Acrylic Elastane PVC
Low warmth Low warmth Warm to wear Low warmth Good insulator
Fast drying Low absorbency Fast drying Absorbent Low absorbency
Low absorbency Fast drying Comfortable Dyes well Waterproof
Hydrophobic Hydrophobic Very soft, wool like Stretchy Breathable
Static Static Good drape Soft Strong
Soft handle Very strong Good strength Crease resistant Strong and durable
Strong Crease resistant Crease resistant Thermoplastic Fast drying
Crease resistant Thermoplastic Thermoplastic Do not tumble
Thermoplastic May shrink…read more

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Filament Staple Filament Yarns Staple Yarns
Very long and continuous Short Lightly twisting filament Have to be carded so
All manufactured fibres All natural fibres are staple fibres together they all lie in the same
are filament except silk Smooth direction before they are
Silk is the only natural Not very good at trapping twisted together
filament fibre air Hairy
Good at trapping air-
good insulators
Trap moisture
In order to make a successful blend, the fibres must be the same
length so they can be mixed before they are spun.
Continuous filament yarn can be twisted together to make a multi
filament yarn…read more

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