market research aqa as textiles

Some notes on market reearch, some are copied for other sources, they are not brillian as completed in a rush and not sure of the accuracy. 

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Market research
It is essential that designers know the market that they are designing for. It is important that they
understand the different market levels and genres in order to design products that will sell.
Market research is usually carried out by external, specialist companies in the form of the following
range of techniques:
Customer profiling ­ it is a detailed description of the customer that the product is aimed at. This
means that products can be made to meet their needs. It can be the starting point for other market
research such as consumer research but it will be developed during the research process in response
to the new data collected.
Identifying target market ­ by identifying a specific group of people (gender, age, disposable
income, body type, lifestyle, geographical location) products can be tailored to their needs and
tastes. A specific target market makes the rest of the market research more effective, consequently
the final product will be more successful. A target market may just focus on one market segment or
sometimes can be very large and board. A target market will also drive how a product is marketed
and advertised.
Demographics- demographics are statistics about a population. These include data about: age,
gender, employment, education and income. This can mean that companies focus on a particular
geographical area or a specific target market within an area.
Product research ­ this can be done though things like product analysis. Product analysis is an
important primary research tool, as it allows companies to know exactly what their competition is
doing. This can be helpful when designing new specifications, as by knowing the strengths and
weakness of existing products new ones can be more effective. It can also allow a company to sell
their product at a lower price, meaning that more customers buy their product than the competition.
Consumer research ­ This involves the analysis of data on the habits of the customer. This might be
through sales figures for similar products. It could also involve opinion polls and questionnaires to
explore there opinion and habits. It is an important aspect of market research as it allows products to
be deigns to their needs and tastes so more likely will to sell.
Opinion polls ­ an opinion poll often consists of one or a few questions on one specific detail. A
questionnaire will consist of more questions on a border area. They can only reflect the opinion of the
people asked, if only woman are questioned then they do not reflect the opinion of the whole
population, they can be biased, but this can be an important feature when focusing on a target
market. They tend to ask more about opinion rather than general habits such as the where do you
shop or how much do you spend on clothes.
Questionnaires ­ these are used to collect primary data, a good questionnaire should have no more
than 20 sort precise questions that should not be leading. They are used to collect information on the
opinion of the target market, they can be a good source of information but are not always reliable,
practically if the wrong questions are asked and can be time consuming. Questionnaires can impact
the design of products, the volume of production and the price point.

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The textile garment market can be split into the following specific target markets:
Haute Couture,
Haute Couture sets the trends with the fashion shows twice a year such `London fashion week'.
These styles are then translated into products which will actually sell and are affordable.…read more

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The product is made by an individual or small team from start to finish
Traditional methods of manufacture are used
The operators are highly skilled and use versatile equipment
Haute couture is an extreme example of this production method
Batch Production
Items are produced in specific quantities. They may be made in one production run or in
batches to be repeated at certain times. A batch can range in number from two or three
products to a hundred thousand or more.…read more

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Used to manufacture large numbers of identical products over a long period of time
Products are usually not complicated and can be made cheaply, e.g.…read more

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Gender images and peer group pressure.
Clothing, accessories and styling of
fashionable celebrities. Brand loyalty.
Trend forecasts Various professional trend forecast services judge
Available as a commercial service aimed at and identify emerging trends and predict future trends.
fashion industry professionals worldwide. Fashion industries can find guidance as to the lengths,
Retail organisations, manufacturers, shapes, colours and styles of garments and accessories
designers and consultants frequently to be designed and made.
subscribe to keep up to date.…read more


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