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Testing Textiles

Before any product goes into production it needs to be tested and any claims
the manufacturer makes needs to be tested. The two reasons for testing are:
1. Legal Requirements- labeling has to be accurate
2. Customer loyalty- ensure high quality and valued custom

Every time an item…

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A strip is clamped into the tensometer and the heads slowly pull apart
More force is applied until the fabric breaks and the results are taken
The test is then repeated

Burst testing
Truburst tester simulates pushing against a fabric
The sample is placed over a stretchy diaphragm and…

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Performance Testing

A PU coating is the best way to make something waterproof but
materials need to be tested to see if they have been coated properly
A hydrostatic head machine is used to test this.
The heads of the base are filled with water, The water used is…

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Moisture Management
Wickability and absorbency depend of the fibre and the construction of
the yarn. Both of these are tested in the same way.
A number of test strips are prepared and then clipped to a bar at a fixed
height above beakers of water and dye
The test lasts…


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