systems applications- wizards, templates, style, macros

notes on the applications of wizards, templates, style and macros

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Wizards, templates, styles, macros
Designed to help user to complete tasks
Useful for non-expert users
Takes users through all the steps required to solve the problem such as:
-writing letters
-creating presentations
Use wizards to speed up basic creation of documents
Takes user through simple steps and generates documents automatically
User can edit document and personalise it
Advantages Disadvantages
Allow non expert user to create If left un-edited documents will lack
documents validity
Ensure important steps are not missed May not fully meet users needs
User friendly Some prevent users from editing
documents which makes it harder to
tailor it to the needs of the user
Standard formats can be applied such
as letter formats
Helps user to create documents such as formal letters which meet certain
standard formats.
Often predefined for:
-characters (font size, type etc.)
- page formatting (margins, orientation etc.)
- text inserts (date/time)
- graphic inserts (logos, images, positioning)
Word processors load up with default template (A4 page, predefined
margin settings, default font settings etc.)
Presentation software does this too
advantages Disadvantages

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Speed up time it takes to start working Lack of individuality in creation of
a document documents
Can create documents which need to be Not user friendly if no instruction are
created in a particular format provided on how to use a template
Some allow users to add fine detail-
better than having to write out the
whole thing from scratch
Used to control a particular aspect of a document
E.G.…read more

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Repetitive tasks can be carried out by Errors can occur if:
using simple instructions Conditions that the macro is
running under is different
Macro can be recorded wrong
Macro can run at wrong time
Errors can be reduced as the macro will User needs to know key combination to
do only exactly what it was asked run macro
To correct errors user must understand
how macros are created…read more


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