wizards, templates, macros and styles

notes on wizards, styels, templates and macros with the advantages and disadvantages of using each



  • designed to help non expert users to complete tasks
  • takes usert through all steps to solve a problem such as: writing letters, creating presentations and creating mail merges
  • speeds up basic creation of documents
  • takes user through simple steps and generates documents automatically
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wizards- advantages and disadvantages


  • allow non expert users to create documents
  • ensures important steps aren't missed out
  • user friendly
  • standard formats can be applied such as letter formats


  • if left unedited documents lack validity
  • may not fully meet users needs
  • some prevent users from editing documents making it harder to tailor it to the users needs
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  • helps user to create documents such as formal letters which meet certian standard formats
  • predefined for: -characters (font style and size), page formatting (margins, page orientation), text inserts (date/time), graphic inserts (logos, images, positioning)
  • word processors load up with a defualt template
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templates- advantages and disadvantages


  • speeds up time taken to start working a document
  • create documents that need to be created in a particular format
  • allows users to add fine details


  • lack individuality in creation of documents
  • not user friendly if no instructions are provided on how to use templates
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  • allow users to carry out repetitive tasks at a click of a button
  • users can record a task beong carried out to a macro, asign a macro to a key combination or button, and use it to perform the task again
  • uses of macros:

-moving to a different part of a a spreadsheet

-running a application

-closing/printing a application

-adding a header/footer

-timestamp a document

-save, print, close a file

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macros-advantages and disadvantages


  • repetitive tasks can be carried out using simple instruction
  • errors can be reduced as macros will only do as they are asked


  • errors can occur if:

-conditions that the macro is running under are different

-macro was recorded wrong

-macro run at the wrong time

  • user needs to know the key combination to run the macro
  • to correct errors users must understand how macros are created
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  • control particular aspects of a document
  • for example, in word processed documents users can define a style for all headings of a document
  • allows user to maintain house style
  • when edited all aspects of that style will change in the document
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styles- advantages and disadvantages


  • documents created with consistent house style
  • if different people are working on different aspects of a document then styles allow them to produce consistant looking documents


  • someone has to create the style before the documents start to be produced
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Mr A Gibson


Whilst this contains some non-database terms there are some good concepts here that I find students often lack a grasp off. This set of cards are to the point and very useful.

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