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Varun Pratap
Standard application software can be used for:
Word Processing
Mail Merge
Letter writing
Desktop Publishing
Data Modelling
Data Handling
Other software:
Graphics Packages
Web Page Authoring
Personal Information Manager

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Varun Pratap
Characteristics of applications:
School administrations and teaching systems
Systems used within schools and colleges to assist in administration.
To store names and addresses of pupils, classes, teachers etc.…read more

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Varun Pratap
On-line training system
Training is gaining the skills to perform a task; this can take place from home or from an
office.…read more

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Varun Pratap
Customer Records System
Any company that deals with customers' needs to keep records of them. The records need
to include contact details and ordering details.
Having a unique ID for each customer and order
Storing names and addresses of customers
List of products available
Storing customers payments and using them for the customer and their invoice
Having updated customer information e.g. Payments, Order etc.…read more

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Varun Pratap
A sequence of instructions applied to a button or short-cut key
Runs as a single action
Can be attached to an element e.…read more

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Varun Pratap
An automatic creation of preset templates personalised to the user's requirements according to the
settings that were chosen
Interact with the end user and ask questions
Allow you to go backwards and make changes and see the effect of those changes
Runs an underlying macro/program
Tasks are completed at a faster rate compared to manually
Provides a user friendly approach to create a complex document
Can ask questions and options that may have been forgotten if create manually
Limited…read more

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Varun Pratap
Design considerations for tailored data-entry screens
Colour: Colours shouldn't clash
Font: Font should be readable but not too large as it needs to fit on the page
White space: Everything should be spread out so there isn't too much white space that you
need to scroll
Consistency of layout: If copying from another document the layouts should match
Tab order: When the tab key is pressed the cursor should move in an organised fashion as
opposed to jumping around
Navigation: Use…read more

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Varun Pratap
Most used items can be on the top of the list of the menu as it is more common
Headings can be set with pre-defined fonts, font sizes and effects.…read more

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Varun Pratap
How to import/export files between standard/generic applications with no common format:
1. Data needs to be exported from the first application into a common file format e.g. .csv
2. The common file format is then imported into target application
3. The data in the file is converted into a format that can be used by the target application
4.…read more


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