IT - Unit 3

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Characteristics of Standard Applications Software and Application Areas

Lesson 1

Word Processor - Generic application package that allows the entry, editting and formatting of text to create a range of documents.

Desk Top Publishing (DTP) - Allow the user to combine images and text to create publications

Spreadsheets - These are used for both mathematical and financial models, as well as the production of graphs to diagrammatically represent data.

Databases - These are designed to enable a user t ohandle data, from sorting to searching. Data can be slit into tables and joined by relationships. 

Web-Authoring Packages - Used for the creation of web pages. 

Presentations - This is software designed to create presentation for display on a computer. They are regularly used for speeches etc. 

Lesson 2

School Administration Systems - There are used in schools that assist in the day-to-day running of the establishment. Administration can be related to students or staff and has 3 distinct features. 

- A database to hold records: Be able to store students' personal detail such as next of kin. Also need a unique identifier for each pupil.

- A lacility to record students marks.

- An agttendance monitoring record: Summarise attendance etc. 

Stock Control Systems - This is a system that knows how much of each item is in stock, when orders are due and how much is required in stock on certain days. Many companies use 'Just In Time'.  

They must:

- Have a list of all suppliers.

- Know the Min and Max levels of stock.

- Work out how much to order.

- Know delivery times for stock items that have been ordered.

Booking Systems - There are 3 main ways of booking: By phone/Internet/Person.

They require: An event, a person, a time&date. 

They must allow the user to select all the different options such as time and date and number of people/tickets.

Route Finders - These are pieces of software that allow the user to enter a variety of information abou the starting and destination places and will plot a route between the two.

Customer Records/Accounts - All companies have customers and need to keep records of their finances. These records must be accurate and must be within the DPA.

The system must give each customer a unique identifier.

Lesson 3

Taliored Data Entry Screens - Things that need to be considered:

- A consistent layout.

- Text should be easily readable.

- Graphics and animation should be fit for purpose.

- Any help messages should be useful and simple.

- Information should be in a logical format. 

- Interface needs to be designed so the user can rememeber what they have done. 

Tailoring Data Entry Forms - When the user enters data it isn't always in the form of text boxes. There are many different ways that a user can enter data. DB software has many tools that allow data to be entered in many different ways. 

- Button.

- Check Box.

- Group/Frame.

- Option…


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