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K1 Key aim 1 timeline Why, within two years of the collapse of Personal Rule, did Civil War break out?
IC1 Indicative content for key aim 1
Short Timeline for the Short Parliament
Long Timeline for the Long Parliament
K2 Key aim 2 timeline Why did the Royalists lose the…

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Return to home Why, within two years of the collapse of Personal Rule, did Civil War break out?

Scottish Prayer book riots 1637

National Covenant drawn up 1638

First Bishops' War 1639

Short Parliament assembled 1640
Long Parliament assembled

Irish Uprising 1641

1642 Civil War breaks out

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Control of church
Control of armies
Control of ministers

The approach of
The Grand Civil War
Remonstrance Finance and Ship

The impact of the Why, within two years of the collapse of Laudian Reform and
Irish Rebellion Personal Rule, did Civil War break out? The…

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First Bishops' Wars

The Pacification of Berwick First Bishops' War ends June 1639
Wentworth recalled from Ireland
Charles calls Parliament

April 1640
Short Parliament assembled Charles conceded Ship Money in return for
a grant of 12 subsidies

May 1640
Short Parliament dissolved The Convocation stays…

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November 1640
The Long Parliament began
Impeachment of judges of 1630s
Impeachment of Laud
Strafford arrested
Strafford attainder
First Army plot
Root & Branch Bill passed December 1640
February 1641
Triennial Act passed

May 1641
The Act against Forcible Dissolution

Strafford executed

June 1641

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Return to timeline LONG PARLIAMENT
* - external link PEACE PARTY WAR PARTY

Wanted a negotiated
settlement with the king Supported presbyterian
rather than a military victory alliance with Scotland under
the Solemn League and
Covenant but military victory
As did the Scots was unlikely


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Return to home Why did the Royalists lose the First Civil War?






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Royalists: Strengths & Weaknesses

Formation of the NMA Why did the Royalists lose the First Civil Parliamentarians: Strengths & Weaknesses

Course & Outcome of the First Civil War

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Return to home Why did it prove impossible to achieve a negotiated settlement between 1646 and 1649?





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1647 1648 & 1649
30th January The Scots hand over Charles I to Parliament 3rd January The Vote of No Addresses is passed

25th May Parliament orders the army to disband March - July Various risings, directed mostly at parliamentarian tyranny

4th June The king is kidnapped…




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