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What are the causes of WW1?
By Zara…read more

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· The causes of WW1 can be divided up into
long term and short term causes.
· Another easy way to remember them is by
using the Anagram MAIN…read more

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M ilitarism
A lliances
I mperialism
N ationalism…read more

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· Germany was competing with Russia and
France to build their armies. They each more
than doubled their armies between 1880 and
1880 1914
FRANCE 0.73M 4.0M
RUSSIA 0.40M 1.2M…read more

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· Germany and Britain were also competing with each
other to expand their navy.
· They were both building the coolest battleship of their
time, the dreadnought! It cost millions of pounds and
considering Germany was practically landlocked,
Britain began to feel worried Germany might attack!…read more

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· Germany, Austro-Hungary and Italy were all bound to help
each other by an Alliance.
· An Alliance is a formal agreement between two countries to
give help and support to each other if they need it.
· France and Russia were also bound to each other by alliance.
Britain, France and Russia were also bound to each other by
an entente.
· An entente is an understanding between two countries that if
they need help they might give it to them.…read more

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