History-Final Exam- from Easter til June


History Revision notes - final year exam - from Easter til June

  • Public health in the 1800's
    •  Cholera was one of the most feared diseases, it killed in a metter of days.                     Dr. Snow found that it spread from the bathrooms and pumps that everyone used.
      • Chatwick's report- 1838 (Govenment dicided to act because cholera deaths kept rising)
        • talked about: 'causes of cholera'; bad air, need for cleaner streets and public areas, sot hat the poor will be healthier. He siad this would help lower cost for rich because they wouldn't have to pay for orphans and food, because they would be healthier.
        • the impact of the report shocked Britain, and in 1848 the first Public Health Act was passed.
        • Created A National Board of Health, to set commities to improve health, drainige, sewage, public bathromm etc.
    • Other 'Acts'
      • 1866 Sanitary Act- all town install proper water and sewage disposal system.
      • 1875 Artisans' and Labourers' Dwellings Improvmeant Act- bulid better homes in place of the worst ones.
      • 1875 Public Health Act- Local coucils- must keep street lite, paved and clean, sewers clean.
  • The British Empire
    • Why?- in the industrial revoluton caused Britain to need more raw materials for the factories
    • Started as trading resouces, bought more land.
    • Effects and Affects
      • positives
        • brought new ideas, religons and things to places
        • improved civilization
      • negatives
        • damaged land and culture
        • 'savages' racicm 
        • forced religion on natives
    • Slave trade
      • Slave traders- ships good expensive in Africa; guns, pots, kettles etc...
      • African traders- took cheep goods for slaves; women, men, children
      • 'Middle Passage'- slaves to North and South America,


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