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Italian Unification 1815-1871
This is primarily written for Pre-U history. (This is one possible topic in section 4) However, if
you're also doing this in your exam it's pretty universal as I've written in as much detail as I
can about the occurrences of this period. Any of you with…

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1855: Piedmont joins the Crimean War
1856: Congress of Paris
1857: Foundation of the National Society
1859: Austria declaration of war on Piedmont
Battle of Magneta and Solferino
1860: Plebiscites in Central Duchies in favour of unity with Piedmont
Garibaldi enters Naples
1861: Victor Emmanuel II proclaimed king of Italy…

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motivated, because they support the conclusion that a working class revolution is inevitable. Value: The
past is forced into a preconceived pattern for political reasons, so is not very good history.

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Italy prior to 1815 (background)
Points to Consider
In 1815, `Italy' was merely a geographical expression
Very few believed a unified state would occur

Pre-Napoleonic Italy
In 1796 when Napoleon's army had overrun Italy, then the
Peninsula had comprised of a complicated patchwork of states and
principalities. There were 13…

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Italy in 1815
The Vienna Settlement in 1815 was a vital congress that determined the immediate future of
Europe. Italy was to be under Austrian influence with it directly controlling Venetia and Lombardy. The old
rulers were admitted to return.
Piedmont's Victor Emmanuel I returned as King
Sicily and Naples…

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rule was cruel and oppressive; there were very few economic successes that might have
compensated for the stifling atmosphere. This was the first area to revolt in 1820.

Political Ideas
Liberals: they wished for a say in government and to have elected representatives and a
constitutional monarchy. They wanted rights…

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Revolutions of 1820-21
The dramatic change from quite liberal for ten years to incredibly repressive was bound to spark
some kind of liberal feelings. Surprisingly only three states actually revolted and it was only due to the
Spanish revolution that such an outbreak began.

1818 King Ferdinand increased the…




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