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When did it reach England?

Where did it come from?

What did the people of the time believe it
was caused by?

What really caused it?

Cooking up cures

Ring a ring a roses

What effect did it have on England?




The Black Death was an…

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Here's how you can tell whether you have the plague:

When did it reach England?

The Plague reached England in summer 1348 and ended in 1360. Also other
outbreaks appeared later in time (in London 1665). It probably arrived on a
ratinfested ship from Europe or the Far East. It…

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The plague originated in the Far East. It spread up through Asia,
Europe and the British Isles.

What did the people of the time believe it was
caused by?

They thought the following caused it:
Bad air

Some people thought it was God's punishment for sin

Looking at a victim…

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*Posh way of saying bad smell

What really caused it?

The black plague was carried in the blood stream of black rats, carried by
merchant ships. The fleas drink the blood in black rats and are infected
and when the fleas bite humans and infect the humans.

Cooking up cures…

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None of these works! Don't try these they could hurt you.
Sewer cure

Plague victim
1. First get a plague victim and sit him in a drain.
2. Leave him there and let him the smell of the drain will drive out the plague.

Kill dogs


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Ten year Treacle

10year old treacle

1. Eat 10yr old treacle

Other cures included:
Sniffing scented flowers
Building bonfires to clean the air
Sleeping on your side
Eating smelly food like garlic
Never wash yourself or your clothes
Run away
Burn sweetsmelling herbs
Swallow powdered emeralds
Eat arsenic…

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This children's rhyme dates from the time of the Black Death. It speaks of
the marks on a plague victim's skin, the flowers carried to prevent getting the
disease and the usual ending ­ death.

What effect did the plague have on England?

Obviously, lots of people died. Most families…

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