Squatter Settlements - Everything you need to know for an A* - Human Geography AQA

i created this interactive powerpoint, which tests you as well. 

From the specific examanation board specification, this is all the information you need to know for the upcoming exam. 

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settlements…read more

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Grade A : Apply concepts relating to a case
study , remembering key facts and figures
Grade B: Understand difference strategies to
improve squatter settlements and evaluate
Grade C: Understand why squatter settlement
have developed, their characteristics and
effects on people's lives
Grade D/E : Describe the conditions in a
squatter settlement…read more

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What is a squatter settlement?
Generally areas on the outskirts of cities that
are built from scrap materials which are found
nearby, most squatter settlements are on
private land and are illegal
Other names : - Favela ( in brazil )
- Shanty towns…read more

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Write down 3 things you notice
about squatter settlements…read more

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Speed of urbanisation in poorer areas
The informal sector of the economy ­ this means
jobs are created by people themselves to try to get an income
e.g. mending bicycles.
Pace of rural-urban migration = too fast to
allow people the time needed to build proper
homes. Also this doesn't give the economy a
chance to grow and provide jobs.…read more

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Living in a squatter settlement
Houses are made of any material e.g. corrugated
iron, pieces of board etc
No toilets
Water must be collected from a nearby source ­
often at a cost ­ and carried back
Rubbish is not collected so the area becomes
Full of diseases
Extreme poverty
High crime
Children are uneducated as well as parents…read more

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Mr A Gibson


Self-proclaimed as an A* resource. Actually, if you can get to grips with the information presented in this presentation you will indeed have more than enough to hit level 3 in those longer answer questions and get full marks.

Suitable for all boards.

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