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Ageing population
Increasing percentage of old people (aged 65 and over)
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Type of farming that is run as a big business (no longer way of life)
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Money, goods and expertise given by one country to another either free or at low cost
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Area of high pressure
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Appropriate technology
Level in terms of size and complexity that makes it suitable for local people to use.
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Rocky opening through a headland formed by wave erosion
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Sharp-edged two-sided ridge on the top of a mountain.
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Ridge of sand or shingle across entrance to a bay or river mouth
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Sloping area of sand and shingle between the high and low water marks
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Level of plant and animal variety in an ecosystem
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Boulder clay/ till
All materials deposited by ice, usually clay containing sharp-edged boulders of many sizes
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Brown earth
Uniform brown-colored soil that forms under deciduous woodlands
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Brownfield site
Area of previously built-up land that is available to be built on again
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Carbon credits
Each one gives the buyer the right to emit 1 tonne of carbon into the atmosphere
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Carbon footprint
Emission of carbon dioxide left behind by burning fossil fuels
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Carbon trading
Companies that has exceeded their carbon emission allowance buy carbon credits from those that have not
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Hollow ot the bottom of a cliff eroded by waves
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Central Business District
Urban zone located in the center mainly shops and offices
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Steep rock outcrop along a coast
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Average weather conditions recorded at a place over many years
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Commercial trading
Type of agriculture based on growing crops or rearing livestock for sale
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Person who travels to work in another place everyday by car or public transport
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Oppsing views about issues, leading to debate between people about them
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Constructive wave
Gently breaking wave with a strong swash and backwash
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Influenced of land surface on weather and climate
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Circular hollow, high on a mountainside, surrounded by steep rocky walls except for a rock lip on the open side
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Cross profiles of river valleys
V shaped sections, changing downstream from steep to gentle
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Declining importance of manufacturing industry
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Dependency ratio
Relationship between people of working and non-workings ages
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Are of low pressure
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Destructive wave
Powerful wave with a weak swash and strong backwash
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Level of economic growth and wealth of a country
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Amount of water in a river at any one time
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Shaking of the ground
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System in which living things (plants and animals) and physical factors (climate and soils) are linked
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Involves protecting the environment and the way of life of local people
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Primary (First effects and secondary ( later effects) positive (good) and negative (bad)
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Environmental degradation
Productive land turned into wasteland by damage to the soil
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Erosion processes
Wearing away the land surface by hydraulic action, abrasion, attrition and solution
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External factor
Something unrelated to tourism, which affects tourist numbers, such as the economy,currency exchange rates, political unrest, wars and terrorism
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Fair trade
Farmers and producers in developing countries are given a fair deal by buyers in developed countries; prices paid always higher than their costs of production.
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Water covering land that is normally dry after a river bursts its banks
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Fold mountains
Long, high mountain range formed by upfloding of sediments
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Food miles
Distance that food travels between supplier and supermarket shelf.
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Fragile environments
Place where wildlife and landscape are easily damaged by outsiders
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Function (of a settlement)
What it does, why it is there EG capital city, port, industrial center
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Functional parts (of a settlement)
Purpose of that area EG Residential, industrial, port area
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Glacial trough
U-shaped valley, with a flat floor and steep sides, formed by a valley glacier
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Global climate change
Variations in tempreture and rainfall affecting the whole world
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Global interdependence
Shared need between two or more ccountries, located anywhere in the world, for one another's goods or services
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Increasing importance of international operations for people and companies
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Steep narrow valley. with rocky sides
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Gross National Income (GNI)
Total income of the country, divided by the number of inhabitants, to give average income per person.
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Gross National Product (GNP)
Total value of all goods and services produced by people and companies in the country in one year.
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Hanging valley
Tributary valley, high above the main valley floor, with a waterfall
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Hard engineering strategies
Strong construction methods to hold floodwater back or keep it out
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Natural hazards are short-term events that threaten lives and property
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Hazard (Climatic)
Short-term weather event that threatens lives and property
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Human development index (HDI)
Is a measure of peoples quality of life using more than one measure of development, based on life expectancy, education and standard of living
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Ice sheet
Moving mass of ice that covers all the land over a wid area
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Igneous rock
Rock formed by volcanic activity, from magma that has cooled
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Growth and increasing importance of manufacturing industry (making goods)
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Inequalities in wealth
Unfair difference/big gaps in income and development between different countries or between regions/different groups of people within a country
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Informal sector
Not regular paid employment; unofficial work, often self-help small-scale services such as street sellers and shoe seller
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Type of farming that is run as a big business (no longer way of life)



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Money, goods and expertise given by one country to another either free or at low cost


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Area of high pressure


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Level in terms of size and complexity that makes it suitable for local people to use.


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