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Urbanization- The increase in proportion (%) of people moving to live in the Urban areas
Urban- An area that has a large density of population and has commercial land use
Counter-urbanization- moving way from Urban areas to Rural areas
Rural-urban migration- moving from rural to urban areas

Reasons for Urbanization:…

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Sites in the city aren't left derelict
Planning permission is easier to obtain
Commuting time is cut

Squatter settlements
Squatter settlements are found on the outside of cities in less developed countries, and they rapidly increase
in size because many of the people migrating from villages do not have skills…

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Case Study- Top Down- 10th Ramadan- Eygpt
10th of Ramadan is located East of the River Nile, It is located along a main road so there is easy access to it.
It is 50 miles from Cairo
Poor quality housing- the 10th Ramadan is a building settlement providng cheap housing…

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Even though the ecological footprint is greatly reduces- 1.7 planets (compared to the UK average of 3
planets) it is more than the target of 1 planet.


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