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Mount st Helens:

Date of eruption: 18th may 1980

Causes: lies on destructive Pb, tremors and movement for 3 months. Magma travelled up several
vents and reached crater but was blocked by previous eruption, formed a cryptodome on side of

Primary effects: large mudslides from melted glacier- largest landslides…

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Cause: pressure been building up along San Andreas Fault, it slipped causing earthquake

Effects: 67 dead, 6000 homes destroyed. NIMITZ HIGHWAY- double decker highway, upper deck
collapsed on top of lower deck crushing people and cars- Bridge was badly designed. OLD
BUILDINGS- not built to withstand earthquakes. MARINA BAY DISTRICT-…

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inter-faith council set up
Festivals of all cultures promoted.

BEDZED (Bedding ton zero energy development)

Built in 2002. It is a sustainable mixed use development: community, home, work. It has many energy
saving features:

segregated recycling bins
reduce water usage- dual flush toilets
use less electricity- natural daylight
bio membrane…

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During the afternoon of Monday 16th August 2004, the village of Boscastle was hit by rain. 200mm of
rain fell in 24hrs.

Area affected: river burst its banks, harbour damaged and car park flooded.

Immediate responses: flood water pumped people rescued, food and medical supplies flown in

Long term responses:…

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Kenya, mass tourism

Benefits: Kenya relies on inflows of foreign exchange, tourist spend money in local cafes- money
goes to locals, tourist revenues are 15% of GNP

Negatives of mass tourism:

economic social Environmental
Visitor numbers fluctuate Conflicts between tribes and Costal degradation of reefs
2007- tribal violence, houses…

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Antarctica has become a destination for extreme holidays. Only scientists live on Antarctica for
9months. Tourists are interested in conservations; tourists are not allowed to take rocks etc. as it is a
fragile environment.

Positive impacts: social- educational improves understanding. Economic- investment and local
development of area. Environmental- awareness for…

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Keyhaven marshes:

Keyhaven marshes is an area of salt marsh formed in the le of Hurst castle spit. Contains a range of
habitats including grassland, scrub, salt marsh and reed bird. Variety means rich diversity.

Problems: salt marsh is retreating by 6m a pear. Salt marsh is under threat from…




I have my Physical Geography exam tomorrow and these notes are fantastic for a bit of last minute refreshing and cramming! Thank you so much!

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