Sociology Education Checklist SCLY2

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External Factors in achievement
Cultural Deprivation (inadequate socialisation): intellectual development Douglas,
language, Bernstein and attitudes and values Douglas
Material Deprivation: housing, diet and health Howard&Wilkinson , cost of education
Cultural, economic and social capital Bourdieu
Selection by mortgage Leech&Campos
Marketization (types of choosers) Gerwitz
Criticisms of cultural deprivation:
Culturally different, not deprived Keddie
Schools are ethnocentric
W/C parents do care but aren't able to be involved e.g. late work Blackstone&Mortimore
Racism prevents achievement
Pupil selecton:
The A-C economy Gilborn & Youdell
Educational triage
Cream-Skimming Bartlett
Blurred Hierarchy Gerwitz
Internal factors in achievement
Labelling/streaming responses:
Ingratiation Woods
Polarisation + Differentiation Lacey
Self-fulfiling prophecy Rosenthal&Jacobson
Labelling based on `ideal pupil' Becker
Anti/pro-school subculture
Tigers, Clowns and Cardinals Ray Rist
Labelling and Teacher Racism
Asians feel isolated
Racialised expectations
Colour-blind teachers
Rejection of labels e.g. black girls Fuller, Mac & Gaill
Black Machismo stereotype (rebels, conformist, retreatist, innovators) Sewell
Ethnocentric curriculum ­ little Englandism Ball, Troyna&Williams
Institutional racism
Gender Differences in Education
Narrower gender gap in science and maths
10% percentage difference in GCSEs
Education > Marriage Sharpe
Feminism: Changes in family, employment and ambition
Female teacher role models
GCSEs and Coursework favour girls Mitsos & Browne
16% of primary teachers are male ­ no role models
Laddish subculture Francis

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Swot/Gay labelling Epstein&Francis
Gender identity shaped in socialisation Norman
Gender subject images
Peer pressure
Gendered career opportunities
Teacher's discipline and labels Byrne
The male gaze
Double standards
The role of education
Social Solidarity and Teaching Specialist Skills Durkheim
Meritocracy Parsons
School teaches us principles of society
Role Allocation Davis&Moore
Education 'sifts and sorts' pupils based on ability.…read more

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Tripartite system (grammar, modern, technical)
The Comprehensive System
Legitimises 'myth of meritocracy' as entry is based on background, not ability
League tables
Funding formula Ball&Whitty
The myth of Parentocracy Ball
New Labour policies
More resources to deprived areas
Aim Higher (unrepresented minorities)
EMA payments
Free school meals
Raising leaving age (reduces NEETS)
Specialist schools (greater choice & achievement)
Contradiction between tackling inequality and favouring marketisation Whitty
Gender/Ethnicity policies
Assimilation into white culture
Multicultural education (valuing cultural achievement)
Social inclusion e.g.…read more


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