SCLY1 - Couples

Notes on DOMESTIC DIVISION OF LABOUR; parsons, jount & segregated roles, symmetrical family, feminist view of housework, oakley, boulton, warde & hetherington, IMPACT OF PAID WORK; man-yee kan, gershuny, sullivan, COMMERCIALISATION OF HOUSEWORK; silver, schor, DUAL BURDEN; ferri & smith, morris, ramos, arber & ginn, EMOTION WORK; hochschild, duncombe & marsden, GENDER SCRIPTS; dunne

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Couples…read more

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· Refers to the roles that men and women play in
relation to housework, childcare and paid work
· Do men and women share housework easily?…read more

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PARSONS (1955)
· Functionalist model ­ clear division of labour between
Instrumental role: husband - breadwinner
Expressive role: wife - responsible for primary socialisation
of children, homemaker
· Division of labour based on biological differences
· Criticisms
Young & Willmott: men are now taking greater share of
domestic tasks
Feminists: division of labour is not `natural'…read more

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· Bott (1957) distinguished between 2 types of conjugal
roles within marriage
· Segregated: couples have separate roles + leisure
activities tend to be different
· Joint: share housework tasks + childcare and leisure
time spent together…read more

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· Young & Willmott (1973) research
· 1950's "Family + Kinship in East London": evidence of
traditional extended working class families with
segregated conjugal roles
· 1970's "Symmetrical family": march of progress view.
Family life gradually improving + becoming more
equal and democratic
· Move towards joint conjugal roles + symmetry
· Criticisms
Feminists: Oakley, Boulton…read more

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· Women go out to work but this may be part time
· Men help with housework + childcare
· Couples spend leisure time together ­ more home
centred/ privatised
· This is more common amongst couples who are
Geographically + socially isolated
Wealthier…read more

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