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Sociology AS revision summary - Family

Role of the family

Functionalists :)
· Murdock
4 major functions REES
· Parsons
primary socialisation
stabilisation of adult personality
· Theory of fit
geographical mobility
nuclear families fit the economy

Marxists :(
· Engels
private property
· Zaretsky
families serve capitalism…

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Sociology AS revision summary - Family

Changing structure/family diversity

· Morgan
society is more fragmented
`what people do'
relationships have become less clear cut
· Cheal
no longer one type of family
choice over the type of family we choose
· Giddens
more equality
free to choose marriage or…

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Sociology AS revision summary - Family

Marriage, Cohabitation and Divorce

changing attitudes
decline of religious influence
decline of stigma
changing positions
fear of divorce

declined stigma
young people are more accepting
career opportunities

increased divorce
changing laws - equalising grounds
declined stigma
rising expectations of marriage

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Sociology AS revision summary - Family

Social policies

Cross cultural policies
· Russia
destroy nuclear family
divorce is easier
abortion is easier
· Nazi Germany
mother cross - many kids
single women loose
· China
one child policy
· Romania
increase childbirth
tighter abortion
marriage is harder…

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Sociology AS revision summary - Family

reduce lone parents - welfare dependancy
child support agencies
1988 benefits away from 16-18
taxation allowance - more if married
· New Labour
support nuclear family but accept diversity
extended nursery places
longer maternity leave
working family tax credits
new deal
civil partnerships


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Sociology AS revision summary - Family

Conjugal roles

· Symmetrical families
Willmott - things are gradually improving
men help with domestic roles
Why? changes in position of women
· Conjugal roles
couples are sharing tasks
Willmott - modern marriage, men taking on domestic tasks
share decision making
· Evidence…

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Sociology AS revision summary - Family


Modern Britain
dependent of adult
innocent and need protecting
Pilcher - childhood is seperated to adulthood
Benedict - more responsibility at home/work

Historical differences
Aries - in middle ages children mixed with adults
last 100 years become more child centered
Shorter - neglect…

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Sociology AS revision summary - Family

Future of childhood
· Postman
- becoming more like adults due to expansion of TV
· Opie
- seperated from the adult culture, not disappearing
· Palmer - toxic childhood
damaging childrens development, childhood is a poisonous time


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