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This is quite a difficult paper (skills paper in OCR Geography A2) as you will know and its very difficult i found to revise it. I went on a school trip to devon to research for this and then compiled all the information to make it easier to revise from, so I hope it helps you. In the end, using this and a couple of text books I received over 90% in this skills exam in January, so good luck!

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An Investigation identifying any association between
population and the number of services in various settlements
in the South Hams region of Devon
1)Identification of the question
· Theory states that "settlements are ranked according to their population size and
functional index" David Waugh- "Geography an Integrated Approach".
· There is a pattern of settlements of different size
· Services can be classified as Low, Medium or
High order services
· South Hams- very rural and coastal
· Closest City is Plymouth
· Second Homes
· Seasonal Tourism
· Dominated by one central road- A379
2) Method
· Phone
· Bright colored vests
· Camera
· Pencils
· Clip board
· Data sheets
· map
Health and safety & risk assessment
1 day in October weekend- Sunday
· Looked at 10 towns- 5 on and 5 off the A379
· Blackawton -OFF
· Cornworthy
· Dittisham
· East Allington
· Slapton

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Torcross- ON
· Chillington
· Strete
· Stokenham
· Stoke Fleming
· Wanted to use random selection of towns
· But this could have had a hidden pattern and would not allow for an easy
comparison between towns on/off the A379
· We actually used a stratified sampling method so that the towns would be
representative of towns on/off the A379 and the data could show significant
differences between the services.…read more

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Benefits: Concerns
· Collection sheets are easy to fill out · 54 Categories of services may be
limiting- eg no cinema listed
4)Presentation of data
· Scatter graphs were used, but very weak positive correlation with a major anomaly
at Chillington, which had a much higher functional index relative to its population.…read more

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R= 0.06. This was far lower than the necessary
correlation coefficient of 0.56 for 95%
significance.…read more

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Therefore... there is a significant difference between the number of services in
settlements on the A379 and those not on the A379.
Since the Mann Whitney U test is measuring the significance of the difference of the
two data sets, i.e. Services on the the A379 and off the A379, this test compares the
median of the two sets of figures.
But : it gives no information as to how the data within the data set is spread/distributed
around its median value.…read more

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Evaluation & Conclusion
· There is a significant correlation · There is a significant difference
between the number of services between the number of services in
and population in settlements. settlements on the A379 and those
not on the A379.…read more

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Eg: Chillington: Pop=513
" " Services=31
" Stokenham Pop=1393
" " Services=29
Chillington (on A379) was a major anomaly . Why?
· On the A379
· Bed and Breakfast for tourists
· Tourist town
An investigation into the microclimate of a local woodland
Hypothsis: With increasing distance into a woodland, the relative humidity, air
temperature, soil temperature and wind speed will change.…read more

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Field Boundary In Forrest
This is a systematic as we wanted to compare conditions in 2 different areas.
A random sampling method could have produced sampling points in one area- eg all in
the field would would have been dumb.
Random would not have been suitable because we wanted data points fixed distances
apart.…read more

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Analysis so far:
Benefits: Concerns
· The whirtling hydrometer was not
· 30m distances is realistic and mans all data digital and was open to human error
collected in a short time frame in reading
· Larger spacing would have given bigger · Only one transect used
differences in data and would have · More reliable to use more
taken more time meaning conditions transect
could change which would have
affected the results.…read more

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There is a significant relationship between distance and air temperature
· There is a significant relationship between distance and relative humidity
· There is a significant relationship between distance and soil temperature
· There is a significant relationship between distance and wind speed
Why did we use a Spearmans Rank?
· Because we ranked the temperatures from highest to lowest
· The data was ordinal and and non parametric
· We wanted to see if there was a significant relationship
Results with spearmans rank:
·…read more


Mr A Gibson

Informative and well presented revision material for this topic. A range of graphics to help understand what each technique is.

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