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Dharavi slum
Richest man
in Mumbai's
Shirley Sarah Knight
Truly gangsta x
Need more info? Inbox me or see Mr Walker
before you're exam…read more

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· Your studied location/place is London which
is located South East of England, and is the
capital city of England.
·Your other studied location/place is
Mumbai, which is located North West of the
Maharashtra state in India.
Make sure you can draw
& describe with ease…read more

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· London has a majority of people in a middle
class system with access to free health care,
education and has a diverse population due
people migrating to London as well.
· Mumbai is know as `a city of contrasts' due
to the large divide between the extremely
wealthy `fat cats' and the slum dwellers who
earn a living through doing laundry,
sweatshops, etc.
· Mumbai's slum dwellers are mostly Muslims
in search of better jobs migrating from
villages who constantly persecuted by rich
or middle classed Hindus…read more

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· India was formerly colonised by England so
the two places share various interests
· Food ­ Curry is one of the top `take aways'
available in London
· Language ­ English is primarily spoken in
· Businesses ­ Due to Mumbai's cheap costs,
companies in London are setting up
contracts like telephone call centres in
· International relations - Both countries are
in the Common Wealth…read more

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· You must memorise information in this
PowerPoint and your books
· Be able to show the views of different people
living in your area; youth, elderly, business
person, family. Etc
· Be able to read a map
· Plan before you answer!
· Go to the OCR website for past papers in
case you have misplace Mr Walker's sheets.
· Answer every question to the best of your
ability =)
· GOODLUCK! X…read more


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