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Natural Hazards

Japan Earthquake case study (MEDC)

Location of Japan: - Japan is situated in the Northern hemisphere, In Asia, East of China, around the ring of fire.
Location of the Earthquake: Nearest city to the epicenter was Sendai
When? 11th March 2011
Why? Japan is located on the east…

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Natural Hazards

Haiti Earthquake case study (LEDC)

Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, Haiti's GDP per person is only US$660

Location of Haiti: - Haiti is situated in the Western hemisphere, North of Venezuela, East of the North Atlantic
Sea, South of the Bahamas
Location of the…

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Natural Hazards

Location of Iceland: -
Location of the Volcano: Eyjafjallajokull is the name of the volcano that erupted. It's situated in Southern Iceland
about 160km from the capital Reykjavik.
When? 15th April 2010
Why? Eyjafjallajokull lies on a constructive plate boundary known as the mid-Atlantic ridge. Between two

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Natural Hazards

Hurricane Katrina- New Orleans case study (MEDC)

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Natural Hazards

It was the third strongest recorded hurricane ever to make landfall on the USA, and the devastation it wrecked
was unbelievable.
Location New Orleans: - Western Hemisphere, South East USA, New Orleans, coast of Louisiana.
Location of the Hurricane: Western Hemisphere, USA, New Orleans, coast of Louisiana.

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Natural Hazards

Location: - Eastern Hemisphere, Irrawaddy Delta Burma.
When? 2nd May 2008
Cost of Damage: around $4billion

Primary Impacts
More than 140,000 people were killed
450,000 houses were destroyed
1,700 schools destroyed
Crops were lost- over 40% of food stores were destroyed.
Costal habitats such as mangroves were…

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Natural Hazards

In 2007 Australia was in grip of the worst drought on record. The drought began in 2002 and the worst affected
area was the Murray- Darling Basin (also known as Australia's food bowl)
Location: - Eastern Hemisphere, South East Australia, Murray darling basin, extending from Queensland to South…

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Natural Hazards

When? 1960's and lasted until the early 1980's- the worst drought of the 20th century.
A massive drought that struck parts of Northern Africa in the 1970s and 80s may have been the result of
a natural climate cycle.
Up to now, many scientists thought the drought…


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