OCR Geography Case Studies- Population and Settlement

3 Case Studies- Population& Settlement:

- China's One Child Policy- Strategies to influence natural population change within a country

- UK Internal Migration- Migration from one region to another

- Dharavi, India- Urbanisation in an LEDC

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Case Study: China- One Child Policy (LEDC) ­ Strategies to influence NPC
Background Info:
Was established in 1979- only one child allowed for each couple
Positive Impacts:
A smaller population will be maintained
Fewer children means that more children will receive an education- this will raise China's
literacy rate
Better healthcare for more people- fewer diseases, healthier livelihoods etc.
Birth rate has fallen and is now 0.7%
Negative Impacts:
People who had more than one child did not receive benefits
Many people were sterilised- against their human rights
Many women were forced to have abortions
Due to traditional preference of boys, large numbers of female babies ended up homeless
In 2000- 90% foetuses aborted in China were female
Gender balance has become distorted

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Case Study: UK Internal Migration (MEDC)
Background Info:
Migration between regions is the result of difference in jobs and wages in the UK
UK- 12 areas called economic planning regions- each comprising several countries
London has seen the greatest loss of people while the south- west has attracted the most
This has been the case of patterns for the last 10 years
While London may have a great outflow of people, it has a huge inflow from other regions
London: Inflow- 163.1, Outflow- 243.…read more

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Case Study: Dharavi, India (LEDC) ­ Urbanisation of an LEDC
Background Info:
Dharavi is spread out over 500 acres of land- largest slum in India
1 million people packed into 1 square mile
Located in the middle of Mumbai
Child labour- make only $50 a month- no education
Valuable land
Many people are second generation residents
Annual turnover of business in estimated to be over $650 million a year
Redevelopment Plans:
225 square foot apartments- using land as resource- develop capabilities so they become net…read more

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Government has said that it will only legalize and relocate countries that are not polluting
Plans include getting people's opinions voiced…read more


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