Section B Pratice Answers Edexcel GCE Music

A Practice B Section Answer I created when revising lat year - might not be perfect but I did get a high A* in the Exam! This is for Section B of Edexcel GCSE Music. Note : Chopin and (i think ) Buckley came up in 2011, so they probably won't come up in 2012 - but do check and know them anyway. Also note ( I learnt this from the chief examiner at a course) that one b option will be from AOS 1 and 2 and the other will be from AOS 3 and 4 - this means that you can be really prepared for 6 pieces in advance adn not 12. 

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Section B Practice Answers

Schoenberg uses an atonal piece to have the expression and freedom he wanted when
composing. He used a 12 tone series in which he based his melody. This is made up of
twelve individual notes. He picked 6 of these notes to make up a…

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Push rhythms


Changing time signature


Accents etc.

Chopins piece highly emotional

Ternanry form


Contrasting sections


Db major to C sharp minor (enharmonic tonic minor)

Ornamented melody

Chromaticism and dissonance



Pedal notes

Left/right hand



Melody dominated homophony

Two part melody dn accompaniment…

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Sustained pedal


Ritenuto . tempo rubato etc. ect.


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