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2000 Capercaille: `Skye Waulking
song' from the album Nadurra
Style and period Folk fusion music:
Western pop
Celtic folk music
Waulking song refers to a working man's
song which would be sung while working.
Waulking is the process by which tweed is
beaten against a board after being soaked
in urine; this was usually done by a group of
women who worked together.
Traditional for up to 1 hour to keep the team
The singing is usually led by one person &
answered by the rest of the team- call and
Vocables-nonsense syllables sung my singers.
Melody Melodies are in counterpoint with each other
Would have been improvised around the same
melody simultaneously
Vocal part is pentatonic throughout (G-A-B-D-E)
The text is mainly set syllabically.
Dynamics The piece has relatively simple dynamics.
Starting quietly and building up becoming louder
when all the instruments join in .The dynamics
build up slightly in the instrumental and during
the solo afterward are quiet again.
The dynamics are not written in the score but
are for the performer to decide.
Tempo There are no changes in tempo; it all stays the
same throughout.
Rhythm Syncopation is found and there is a variety of
note lengths with complex rhythms.
Lilting (swaying rhythms) are found throughout.

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Metre The piece is in compound time : 12/8 ­ 4 dotted
crotchets per bar.…read more

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Instrumentation & The words are in Scottish Gaelic. Uilleann pipes- similar to bagpipes
Vocals Voice-melody- Singer has a contralto voice-
Featured instruments: so low it is close to male tenor.
Accordion Fiddle- Violin played in folk music
Piano Bouzouki- Greek string instrument with 4
Synthesizer groups of 2 strings tuned in unison or
Flutes octaves. Imported in to Ireland and
Whistle developed in to a very similar Irish Bazouki.…read more


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