safety hazards involving ict

notes on the types of safety hazards involving ict and the precautions that should be taken

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Safety hazard Description Prevention
Trailing wires Wires from computers trailing Cable management systems to
from desks and along floors can cover wires
cause accidents
fire Overheating of computers can Adequate ventilation and clear
cause them to catch fire. space around equipment. Not
Overloading of plug sockets overloading plug sockets.
can cause fire Correct number of sockets on a
breaker. Using the correct type
of extinguisher (CO2) for a
electrical fire
Electric shock Water and electricity can cause No drinking near computers. No
an electric shock (possibly fatal) water near computers. All
bare wires when touched can wires to be frequently checked
cause an electric shock and repaired.
Unstable surfaces and chairs Desks and surfaces that All surfaces to be stable before
wobble can cause equipment computer equipment is placed
to fall off on them
Food and drink Liquids can cause shorting and No eating or drinking near
lead to fires. Crumbs from food computers
are a fire hazard
Safety hazards involving computers


Mr A Gibson

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