health problems related to ict

some health problems caused by ict, hows they are caused and how they can be prevented

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Health problems related to ICT
Health problem description cause prevention
Deep vein Blood clot, Sitting in a Stand up and move
thrombosis usually in leg chair that puts around. Ensure correct
(DVT) pressure on the posture when sitting in a
back of the chair.
Repetitive strain Chronic pain Repetitive Use correct workstation,
Injury (RSI) experienced in actions, poor key board rests, foot
the arms, posture while stools, adjustable chairs
shoulders or working, and frequent breaks from
back maintaining a continuous activity
fixed forced
Carpal tunnel Pressure on Repeated wrist Avoid the repetitive
syndrome the median movements such actions. Frequent breaks
nerve in the as typing between actions
Eye strain Hazy vision, Looking at a Take plenty of fluids and
tired eyes monitor for frequent breaks. Use
long periods of correctly adapted,
time, flicker free monitors
dehydration of
the eyes
Back ache Muscle spasms Poor posture, Use correct posture and
sitting in the adjustable chair
same position,
forced position


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