AQA AS ICT INFO2 Living in the digital world notes

All of my INFO2 Notes typed up, also uploaded a definitions table to go with it

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INFO 2 Notes
Topic 1 What is ICT?
Components of an ICT system:
Types of system:
Banking (debited, account number, receipt)
Payroll (Staff number, hours, pay)
EPOS (tesco)
Stock Control
Topic 2 Data and information
Information is only valuable and useful when it has quality
Reliable source
Up to date
Topic 3 Characteristics of users
Characteristics of an ICT professional:
Good written communication skills
Good oral communication skills
Problem solving skills
Willingness to work flexible hours
User characteristics may effect system interaction:
Experience - novice and experts (change with preference)
Physical characteristics ­ impairments and disabilities
Environment of use ­ Factory may have visible rather than audio output
Task to be undertaken ­ changes to suit user
Age ­ reaction times may be slower so rate of double click could be

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INFO 2 Notes
GUI ­ Graphical user interface, WIMP(Windows, Icons, Menus and pointers) Used as
operating systems on things like smart phones
+ User friendly
+ Intuitive for non experts
- Frustrating for some experts as things are easily lost
- Demanding on hardware
Command line ­ Disk operating system for use with programming, which requires
text based commands and is reserved for expert use.…read more

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INFO 2 Notes
All networks and key words are on definitions page
Advantages of sharing resources:
Saving on network drives
Reduces time waiting or finding resources
Saves money spend on providing resources
Intranet and extranet (image to help show definition on sheet)
Intranet Extranet
Peer to peer network: Simple and easy, consists of a hub and router and does
not require a server for example a home network
+ Cheap, don't have to buy a server
+ No network manager required
+ Easy to set…read more

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INFO 2 Notes
Topic 5 ­ Safety and Security…read more

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INFO 2 Notes
Standards are defined in definition table
Threats in the workplace include:
Employees: - Selling confidential data
Lost or passed on data
Attachments on removable storage to sabotage
Third parties
Human error: - Failure to follow procedures
Storing hard copies or destroying data
Viruses: - Removable media
Spyware: - Data sent to an external source without knowing
Passwords stolen through monitoring key strokes
Calibrating attacks through multiple computers
Protection that can be done:
Hardware: Physically lock things down
Remove media like USB…read more

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INFO 2 Notes
Data protection act 1998
Regulates how personal data is used and protects it from misuse
If you with to store personal data about people you have to register
with IC (information commissioner) who will ask what data you are
storing, how long it will be stored for and your intentions if you pass it
A data controller ensures that an organisation follows the act
A data subject has the following rights:
See data about yourself
Correct any errors
Refuse/ allow direct…read more

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INFO 2 Notes
This act applies to software, music, videos and all other creative software to protect
the maker's creation. This does not relate to the idea, you can produce a similar
product but not copy or adapt the original.
When you purchase and open the packaging from a game, software or other creation
you are automatically accepting the terms and conditions.…read more

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INFO 2 Notes
Where will it be stored? Away from original server against hazards, stored in
flood/fire proof safe
Definitions for incremental, differential and full back ups in definition table.
Backup type Time for backup Time for restore Storage space
Full Longest Quickest Most
Differential Medium Medium Medium
Incremental Quickest Longest Lowest
Topic 7 Uses of ICT systems
What ICT can provide
Fast repetitive processing (Calculations, large data volumes e.g.…read more

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INFO 2 Notes
Takes time to develop a complex system
Less personalized
May not need an ICT solution
Processing types on definition sheet
Topic 8 ­ Factors affecting ICT
Cultural ­ Effected by developing countries (low levels of technology and lack
of money), changes in culture (texting rather than calling, email instead of
letters), arts (iTunes for music not buying CD's) and religion (podcasting for
live church services etc.…read more

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INFO 2 Notes
work may not be authentic, equipment is requires, removes the social
aspect of school and can result in paedophillia.…read more



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