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Topic 3: Revision
Vocation…read more

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What the syllabus says:
Within this topic, candidates should show understanding of the variety of ways in which Roman
Catholics can live out their vocation and how these views about serving God and others influences
their attitudes to a number of perennial issues.
Holy Orders (Ordination)
· the Rite of Ordination, including the symbolism;
· the role of deacon and priest;
· the sacramental and pastoral work of a · priest and its impact on the Roman Catholic
Religious Vocation
· religious life in apostolic and contemplative orders;
· religious vows: poverty, chastity and obedience;
· ordination of women;
· marriage for priests;
· celibacy.
Lay Ministry
· the role and vocation of lay people (laity) in the Roman Catholic Church.
· Biblical passages for study should include: the Parable of the Talents Matthew 25 14­30…read more

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Vocation: What is it.
· This is a calling from God. It is the idea
that we are all here for a reason and
have a special role to play in the
building of the Kingdom of God.…read more

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Rite of Ordination (becoming a priest)
· Presentation ­ to the celebrant ­ publically
declaring they are ready.
· Examination ­ questions, to check they know
what they are promising.
· Prostration ­ lying in front of the alter ­ to show
they are prepared to dedicate themselves to
· Consecration ­ celebrant lays hands on the
candidate­ to show they have God's authority.…read more

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Rite of Ordination (becoming a priest)
· Prayer ­ blessed to show God will be with
them in their work.
· Investment - given their robes, a public sign
of their ministry (job)
· Anointing - hands are anointed to do God's
· Mass - they celebrate their first mass to
show they are a priest.…read more

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Deacon ­ what he does!
· Main role is to support the priests in the
carrying out of their jobs.
· They can read the Gospel at mass and offer
the homily.
· Perform, if needed, some of the sacraments
(but not Reconciliation and Eucharist for
which ordination is required.)
· Visiting the sick, helping to organise parish
finances.…read more

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