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To Revise all Subjects
from the Ethics 1
topics: Relationships,
Medical Ethics and
Poverty & Wealth
By Miruthulla Sivananthan…read more

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Christians beliefs on
Church of England and Catholicism.…read more

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Marriage and marriage ceremonies n
a C h r istia
I n
c e r e m ony,
The bride and Christians be
lieve that, marriag v i car or
i e s t ,
groom agree in id eally, marria
ge should be the pr g i n s by
r b e
front of the f or li f e. ministe
l a i n i n g that
congregation that ex p
a s c r e ated
they are free and marriag m b o lising
s y
wiling to marry each by God, p between
other, they would relation c h u rch.
n d
make promises, or Christ a
vows. They also In these vows, they
sign the marriage Reflects:
·S o m e th in g in tended by promise to love and
register, a legal
o d , f ro m th e b eginning of comfort each other,
document, G
to honour each other,
witnessed by two creation
·M e n a n d w o men should to support each other
a n g e r ings, te r a C h ri s ti a n marriage in all different
ch en
They ex r r i a g e i s
e ir o w n free choice, circumstances and to
m a o f th
and the hey are o t f ro m s o m eone who remain faithful to
. T an d n
blessed r the couple d them to. each other for the
e r s f o s . f o rc e
pray u a l l y hymn f o f m o nogamy. rest of their lives.
u s ·B e li e
and are rm a n e n t m arriage is
·A p e
ext for having…read more

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Roles of men & and women in the
family ian s b el i eve
God said, `i
good for th
e man
o m e Christ ned men an be alone. I to
will make a
S d e sig
should lo th a tG o d
e d i f f erent helper suit
able for him
after the ok e n t o hav e n are (Genesis 2 .'
home, ta w o m w o m :18). Some
care of c ke e n and Christians
hildren, a r o les . M t o G od, might say
u a l v a luable re c re ated that this sh
husband eq
r t h e y we women are
ows that
in his h owev e
p u r p o ses. meant to b
r d i f f erent helpers for e
fo men.
Other Christians believe
come s tament, 1
Duties of men there is no real In th e N e w T e
oman ritten to
first, and the w difference between Peter (a letter w
t him, d Christian
should suppor them, and men and a n e w ly f o r m e
as these
because that w women should have Church) echoes
h e w a s m ade in equal opportunities
w hy s views.
the first place. responsibilities. If a
shows that wo married couple have
n men
are weaker tha children, both the mother
kely to
and are more li and father should share
do wrong. child care, and both
should be able to go to…read more

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Roman C
atholic C
married co hurch tea
ches that is t ia n s r e a li s e that
uples may All Chr
they want
to do, but
l i ve apart, i
f that is w e t im e s m a r r iage do
hat som
And they c they may a married
first husb
annot mar
ry a new p
n o t divorce. not work and
end up
for Roman
and or wif
e is still aliv
artner if th
eir couple might
marriage a tholic church couple s not easy
e. I ti making each
nnulled. to have th h a p p y . T h e t eachings
eir un
in the bible is
t m a rriage is a m p le t e ly c le ar on the
lie v e t h a c o
Catholics be a sign of subject of div
e n t ; it is
sacra m
d s p e c ia l d one by
oly an
something h o t b e u n d o ne, any
cann In serious s
God, and it m o r t a k in g part ituations, a
baptis marriage ca
more than a n be annulle
a s s c a n b e undone. which mean d,
in M s that it is
agreed that
the marriage
Church of England believe that if the couple bond never
sincerely believe that there in no possibility they because one
of the
will ever want to live together again divorce can be partners for
ced into the
allowed, both partners are then free to marry other marriage or
did not
people. They agree that they should do all that they understand
what was
can to help couples who are having difficulties in happening.…read more

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Some Christians then,
v e t h a t the might accept sexual
r C h r is t i an s
r i s t i a nity is relationships between
Othe s a g e of Ch mally
n m e s i s n o r a committed
mai t h a t sex
n d homosexual couple, or
love, a le within any mitted
ab m between two people
accept hip that is co ot the
ns rn who are living together
relatio g whether o ried to
and lo
d a r e mar on a permanent basis.
o p l e i nvolve
o ther. ink
e a ch But, they also th
h t s a y that sex
Many Christians They m ig
y God for it is wrong for
n e d b sex
believe that sex is on
ly was des i g
create people to have
­ t o
appropriate between a pur p o s e if they have only
d to ey
people who are children an just met and if th
n t h e love rly
married to each othe
r. stre n g t h e
e d p e ople. do not particula
a rr i
This means sex befo
re between m d only for care about each
marriage, homosexu a s u s e
al If sex w o t for the other...
a n d n
relationships and pleasure a d e i t , then ...or plan
d m to stay
affairs outside reason Go together
io u r spoils in
marriage are all this b e h a v relations a lasting
considered to be m e t h in g that was hip.
so ry special.
wrong. o b e v e
ant t…read more

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