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Roman Catholicism Ethics
Christian Vocation…read more

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Vocation: What is it?
· This is a calling from God. It is the idea
that we are all here for a reason and
have a special role to play in the
building of the Kingdom of God.…read more

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Rite of Ordination (becoming a priest)
· Presentation ­ to the celebrant ­ publically
declaring they are ready.
· Examination ­ questions, to check they know
what they are promising.
· Prostration ­ lying in front of the alter ­ to show
they are prepared to dedicate themselves to
· Consecration ­ celebrant lays hands on the
candidate­ to show they have God's authority.…read more

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Rite of Ordination (becoming a priest)
· Prayer ­ blessed to show God will be with
them in their work.
· Investment - given their robes, a public sign
of their ministry (job)
· Anointing - hands are anointed to do God's
· Mass - they celebrate their first mass to
show they are a priest.…read more

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Deacon ­ what he does!
· Main role is to support the priests in the
carrying out of their jobs.
· They can read the Gospel at mass and offer
the homily.
· Perform, if needed, some of the sacraments
(but not Reconciliation and Eucharist for
which ordination is required.)
· Visiting the sick, helping to organise parish
finances.…read more

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Priest - What does he do and what is its
· His job is to the representative of God on earth, help to
bring about the Kingdom of God.
· To teach, lead and help.
· Teaching ­ mass, Bible study groups, visiting schools,
running support groups. Helps people to understand what
God wants.
· Leading­ give advice on issues, ensure the Church runs
smoothly (finances etc.) Be a role model. Administer the
Sacraments. Inspires people to be better.
· Helping ­ hospital visits, supporting the bereaved, visiting
the sick. Running charity groups e.g. Cafod. Supports
people in difficult times.…read more

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