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1. Welcome and purpose Explains that congregation are witnesses and should support
couple in their new vocation.
2. Readings To show sacredness of marriage, designed by God and give
examples of what married love should be like.
3. Questions - Are they free to marry?
- To honour and love for ever?
- Open to children?
4. Exchange of vows Promises made to each other, before God and witnesses.
Promise exclusive, lifelong faithfulness and support.
5. Exchange of rings Unending love and exclusive faithfulness to that one person.
6. Nuptial Blessing God asked to bless married love - to be lasting, supportive,
and blessed with children.
7. Communion Strengthen the marriage by introducing Christ.
8. Signing of register It is recognised in law as a civil marriage as well.…read more

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Sacramental ­ Helps us to build our relationship with God by
understanding how he loves us.
· Permanent ­ Promises and vows are made for life.
· Exclusive ­ A focus on the faithful bond between the couple.
· Life­giving ­ Embracing whatever the future may hold, including
the possibility of children.
· Loving ­ Following the example of God's unconditional love for us.…read more

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Righteous Authority





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