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Notes on religion and science…read more

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Christian bible Creation theory
God created the world in `six days' or time
Before this there was nothing
God created all the animals as he wanted
Humans were made in his image and given
stewardship and dominion over the other
Humans are unique because they are the
only creation to have souls…read more

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Fundamentalist interpretations
Take the bibles teaching literally e.g. He created
the world as it is now in six of what we call days
They believe that all animals were created as
they are now no evolution. Humans are
descended from Adam and eve
Humans were gods representatives and
therefore the world is ours to do as we like
because of the dominion we have.
Humans have stewardship due to the
uniqueness of the species…read more

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Liberal Interpretations
God created the world over six time periods
not 24 hour periods
God created the building blocks of life and
controls evolution
God caused the big bang creation of the
These theories link together with scientific
Humans are still unique and were chosen by
god to have souls…read more

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Scientific theory- cosmology
This is the theory that the universe came into
being after an explosion which is still happening
and which created the base elements
Many christians link to this theory by using the
hypothesis that is cause and affect. E.g. the big
bang must have been caused
There is much evidence and it is now the mainly
accepted as the theory
In 1998 the Roman catholic church accepted
the theory and said it was god who caused it.…read more

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Scientific theory- evolution
Charles Darwin's 1959 theory that all life has
evolved over several million years from single
celled creatures
He also came up with the theory of natural
selection where the weaker species fail
Current research supports his theory
At the time Darwin used this theory to convince
atheists that the classical teachings of the
churches were wrong but used evolution to
support God…read more

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