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RE Revision
Last minute revision : exam on the
17th May 2011…read more

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Believing in God!…read more

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Religious Upbringing
· Christian
· Sunday school
· Faith school
· Bed time prayers
· Attending church and ceremonies such as
confirmations and baptisms…read more

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Religious Experiences
· Numinous ­ The feeling of a presence greater
than you normally God.
· Conversion ­ When you change your life to
commit to God.
· Prayers ­ This is an attempt to communicate
with God normally through words.
· Miracles ­ An event that breaks the laws of
science.…read more

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The design argument
· You are walking across the hills and you come
across a watch.
· The watch is so complex inside that it couldn't
have just come across but it must need a design.
· The universe is so complex and all the laws of
science work together, so the universe must need
a designer.
· The only `person' with these qualities is God.
· Therefore God must have designed the universe.…read more

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The causation argument
· Everything that exists must have had a cause or it
wouldn't exist.
· This is according to the laws of science.
· Because the universe exists, it must have had a
cause. This can be explained by God causing the
Big Bang because the big bang must have had to
happen at the right microsecond for life to be
formed on earth.
· The analogy of the train, the carriages are the
effects and the engine is the cause which is the
however it is also known as the unmoved mover.…read more

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