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Religion and Science.
"God made man in his own image"
This suggests that God created humans as we are, and could suggest to some Christians that
God's image is Jesus; human form.
Other Christians might say that `own image' does not mean physically but mentally, in the
way that we were created with free will but not tendencies towards evil until the Original Sin
when Eve was tempted by the devil in the form of a serpent to eat the fruit from the
forbidden tree. Some Christians believe that this is why we now have tendencies towards
evil. This is known as the Fall of Man because we fell to the temptations of the devil. And we
were banished from the Garden of Eden to try to redeem ourselves which is why we must be
judged on judgement day as to whether we enter hell or heaven. ­ Parable of the Sheep and
the Goats.
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."
This is the theory of creationism, that God created the earth in six days, leaving the seventh
as a day of rest. And created Adam and Eve as the first humans.
"Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it"
This quote from Genesis could suggest that God meant us to do as we wish with the earth,
however others may interpret it as God meaning for us subdue it in the sense that we control
it but do not change it.
"have dominion... over every living thing that lives on the earth"
Again, some literalist Christians would take this literally and believe that humans have the
right to use animals for food and for medical research as both of these aid humans and keep
our species alive.
Other Christians would see `dominion' translated as being `responsible for' and that we must
keep the earth and protect it for further generations.
"Religion without science is lame, science without religion is blind"
Einstein means that religion without proof isn't believable ­ this links with St Augustine's
theory that God created simple life forms, where he finds a way to merge religion and
science. And that science without an initial story to prove is blind, it is not able to see other
points of view or possibilities.
"The earth is the Lord's, and all that it is in it."
We don't have the right to do as we wish with the earth; it does not belong to us so we must
see it as an honour to live on it.

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Some Christians would interpret this as being told we are the most important living things,
and that we are different from animals because we have souls so are able to rule.
Other Christians would interpret this as protecting, leading and being good stewards of the
earth, just as a king would rule his kingdom. But this still does put us in a more important
position than animals.…read more


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