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R.E Revision
Religion VS Science…read more

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The Religious Side
· Christians believe God created the world
in 7 days.
The First Day - `Let There Be Light.'
The Sixth Day ­ Animals and Humans were
brought on earth.
The Seventh Day ­ Day of Rest.…read more

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The Science Side
· The Big Bang.
· Two Particles of gas hit each other to
create an explosion called `The Big Bang'
which created the Universe.…read more

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· Charles Darwin agreed humans
were created from Evolution.
· He agreed of the theory about
`Primordial Soup' and how we all
evolved from the soup.…read more

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William Paley
· Said `the Big Bang could
not have caused Earth
because it's too detailed'.
· Came up with the
`teleological argument.'
· Referred to Earth as a
`watch' because it's too
detailed.…read more

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Thomas Aquinas…read more

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