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Different Christian attitudes and beliefs

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Believing in God

If someone is brought up in a Christian family they will believe in God from the beggining of their life.

What could lead to believing in God:

  • Baptism
  • Taken to Church to worship God with their parents
  • Taught to pray to God everyday
  • Will go to Sunday school to learn about God
  • May go to a religious school
  • Celebrate religious festivals such as Christmas and Easter

Would be natural to believe in God as all the people close to them believe

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Religious Experiences

  • A NUMINOUS feeling- for example when you are in a holy building and feel God's presense. Or you could even be looking up at the stars and feel that something is greater than you.
  • A feeling of God's presence could also lead you to CONVERT to Christianity.
  • A MIRACLE, something which seems to break the laws of science and makes you think that only God could have done this.
  • PRAYER- an attempt to contact God usually through words.

Any of these experiences are bound to lead the person to believe in God

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Xtian attitudes Design and Causation

Everything has a cause or explanation, therefore the universe must have one. Only God could be the cause of the Universe, therefore he must exist.

Evidence that the world seems to be designed;

  • the way the universe works according to scientific laws such as gravity
  • the way the complex mechanism of the eye has a design and allows people to see

Some people may not believe in God

Agnosticism- Not being sure if God exists

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Athiest- Believing that God does not exist

  • Scientific explanations => these days Sciences explains the world and universe much better than religion. Discoveries into Space..where could God be?
  • Evil and Suffering happening in the world to innocent people: why would he make some people suffer and others not?
  • Unanswered prayers, feeling God is not connecting with yo
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