Religious Studies Revision Cards

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1 THEIST Evidence in Holy Books Religious experiences Miracles Freewill2 ATHEIST No physical evidence/proof Scientific evidence Evil and suffering in the world Upbringing3 RELIGION IN SECULAR SOCIETY – YES Provides stability and community Answers challenging questions Provides support and guidance Gives morals on how to act4 RELIGION IN SECULAR SOCIETY – NO More interested in other things Science explains the world not religion Which religion is ‘right’? Many ignore the rules of religion5 HOW DO PEOPLE EXPERIENCE GOD? Holy Books/sacred texts Natural world Religious teachings Prayer/worship Religious experiences/miracles6 HOW DO PEOPLE RESPOND TO GOD? Vocation – vicar/monk/nun Worship/prayer Change lifestyle – commitment/dedication Preaching/teaching Pilgrimage7 CHRISTIAN TRINITY (MONOTHEISTIC) 3 in 1 – understood in 3 forms God as Father – spiritual God as Jesus – human God as Holy Spirit – acting in the world8 HINDU TRIMURTI Brahman – God/supreme spirit Trimurti – 3 main gods to understandBrahman (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva) Murtis – statues/images of gods9 MUSLIM GOD…


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