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Edward IV ­ Second reign
No pretender /
Henry VI's son
Powerful noblemen
Edward prince of
Henry VI dies. to compete for the
Wales dies in battle
1471 at the battle of
Jasper Tudor
Overcomes the and Henry
Henry VI and Edward opposition Tudor were in
has no close exile
Lancastrian relatives
to pass the throne
No coalition of noble
families to challenge
the King's authority
of the Kingdom…read more

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Edward IV ­ Second reign
large areas in
the King's Richard Duke of
name Gloucester (Later king)
was put in charge of
governing the north Treaty of Picquingy 1475
with the French
Scotland made
Enlisted his immediate peace with England
Regional family as key regional
Magnates power brokers
(alienated landowners)
Merciful to those who
supported Henry VI, but
expected loyalty in return Trade treaties with
France, German and
Burgundy…read more

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Edward IV ­ Second reign
Various trade The King's prerogative right's
Crown Lands treaties with The right to fine his subjects
Land was seized from Edward's Germany, France Edward's income where royal rights has been
enemies after the battle of and Burgundy. from customs breached. Edward used this
Tewkesbury, leading to an rose by 40%. more extensively than Henry VI.
increase in size of the crown
Appointed commissioners Extraordinary income
to inspect the collection Called parliament to grant him
of revenues (tax). This led taxes to fund the defence of
to a dramatic increase in Improving royal the country.
More taxes were
gathered by any king
Customs revenue
since Henry V.
The king received
extensive funding from
customs revenue Appointed special
(about £25,000 a year) . commissioners to Persuaded Revenue from Used the King's
investigate the merchants regular chamber rather then
collection of custom and wealthy sources was the Exchequer
revenues at the main men to loan raised to This gave him more
ports and to report him money. £70,000 a personal control and
abuses. year. supervision over
finances.…read more

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Edward IV ­ Second reign
King's council Died in 1483
Promotion to the council
became more secular and
dependant on ability as much
as birth compared to just
birth rites
Makes policies to
supplant the old nobility
with "new men"
Government (of lower social status)
Edward V
Powerful nobles and
succeeds as
magnates were almost
king under the
"immune from justice"
protection of
Richard III…read more


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