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Britain 1483 ­ 1529 Revision
Finance, Economy and Trade
Financial Management and the Wealth of the Crown:
Henry's government was all about having a stable and wealth crown. Henry needed
steady and secure income for 2 key purposes:
o To fund the ordinary and extraordinary expenses of government
o To…

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McGurk ­ "A full treasury helps to explain why he was so successful in quelling the
rebellions against him".

Exchequer and Chamber:
For a number of centuries the crown relied on the Exchequer to be its basis of
finance and so did Henry at the start of his reign due…

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o If there was on heiress, the king had a right to agree to her marriage as
marriage dues.
o All tenants-in-chief were obliged to pay an aid to the king on the knighting of
his eldest son and marriage of his eldest daughter.
Counsel Learned in the Law and…

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Henry VII had no economic policy but he was interested in any economic issues that
affected his personal wealth or the condition of the people.
Henry didn't have a common economic approach to farming but he did try to stop
rural depopulation by passing legislations to prevent it, as it…

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In November 1485, Henry granted the titles master of Monies and keeper of Exchange in
the Tower to his trusted friends Sir Giles Daubeney. These titles were held under
indentures that set out the value and weight of these new coins in great detail.
Henry also introduced a shilling piece…

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Trade with France:
There was also inconsistency in England's trading with France; both countries used
trade as a bargaining chip in diplomatic relations.
Henry uses trade with France as a way of bettering his relationship with them.
In 1487, France imposed restrictions on trade after Henry backed Breton independence

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Henry passed the Navigation Acts in 1485 and 1489. These acts specified that English
ships and crew had to be used in certain trades, in an attempt to encourage English
shipping as chip building and to end dependency on foreign ships.
Henry tried to improve ship maintenance by paying for…


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