Revision checklist for Tudors exam

A checklist to help keep track of what you know/don't know for the Tudors Source exam (Early Modern British History: Crown and Authority)... taken from the edexcel book designed for the exam

hope it helps!

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Revision checklist for Tudors
Title Done
Cardinal Wolsey
Reasons for Wolsey rise to power
Relationship between Henry and
Wolsey's domestic policy (justice,
finance, administration, church and
Reasons for Wolsey's fall from power
Foreign policy
First French war, 1512-14
England's foreign policy objectives
between 1515 and 1521
Second French war 1522-25
How did foreign affairs affect
Henry's attempts to annul his
marriage to Catherine of Aragon?
Who was in charge of foreign policy
between 1514-29- Henry or
Break with Rome
Causes of the break with Rome
Tudor dynasty and male heir
Role of Anne Boleyn
God's law , Leviticus and
Henry's conscience
Why was Clement VII unable to
grant an annulment?
Royal supremacy
Role of Thomas Cromwell and the
reformation parliament
Collectanea Satis Copiosa

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Pardon of the Clergy
Submission of the Clergy
Henry's marriage to Anne Boleyn
Appointment of Cranmer as
Archbishop of Canterbury
Legislation- Act of Annates, act in
restraint of Appeals, Act for the
submission of the Clergy, First act of
succession, Act of Supremacy,
Treason act, Act for first Fruits and
Opposition- Elizabeth Barton, Bishop
Fisher and Thomas More
How serious was opposition to the
Royal Supremacy?
Dissolution of the monasteries
Reasons for dissolution-financial,
reform, political
Valor Ecclesisaticus
First Act for Dissolution-smaller
Second Act…read more

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Trial and execution of Thomas
The organs of Government ­ Court,
Council and Privy chamber
Changes to the Tudor government ­
Role of Wolsey and Cromwell in
Tudor Government
Centralisation- Wales, the north and
Faction- Role of the nobility
Government methods of suppressing
opposition…read more





This is the worst thing i've ever seen in my life, if you use it you are guaranteed to fail. Cheers you absolute mongoloid

Dylan Radcliffe

is it true you know Harry Bartley?

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