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Northern Rebellion - Causes
Court factions grew. E.g.
Change religion
Duke of Norfolk, Earl of To release Mary
from Protestant
Leicester resented Lord Queen of Scots
to Catholic
Cecil, Elizabeth's chief from imprisonment
The Religious
Settlement had
angered some
Restore the Duke of
Norfolk and his peers
to their liberty and to
the Queens favour
Catholics viewed
Religious Elizabeth as Political
Illegitimate Some northerners
resented the extension
of Tudor authority into
their domain
Desire to put Mary Earls felt that
Queen of Scots Elizabeth had The Earls offered wages of
(Catholic) onto the reduced their sixteen pence a day to all that
English throne. wealth and status would rebel.…read more

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Northern Rebellion ­ Key figures
Name ­ Thomas Howard Duke of Norfolk
Name ­ De Spes
Occupation - Leading English nobleman
Occupation ­ Spanish
Role ­ To marry Mary Queen of Scots
Role ­ Wrote to Phillip II
Result ­ Begged for the queen's mercy
with optimism
imprisoned in the tower
Name ­ Charles Neville Earl
Name ­ Thomas Percy, Earl of Northumberland of Westmoreland
Occupation ­ English nobleman Occupation ­ English
Role ­ Conspirator, aided a Catholic restoration
Role ­ Original conspirator
Result ­ Executed after being betrayed by Scots
Result ­ Lived in exile…read more

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Northern Rebellion ­ Key figures
Name ­ Thomas Radcylffe Earl of Sussex
Occupation ­ Lord President of the Council of the North (English Nobleman)
Role - Loyal to the crown, questioned Northumberland and Westmoreland
Result ­ Crushed the rebellion, later became Lord Chamberlain
Name ­ Queen Elizabeth
Occupation ­ Queen of England
Role ­ In charge of crushing the rebellion, summoned Northumberland and
Westmoreland to court. Pushed them into rebellion
Result ­ Crushed the rebellion, hundreds were executed…read more

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Northern Rebellion - Events
9th November 1569 13th November 1569 14th November 1569
The Earl of Northumberland joins Sussex sends out commissions to The Earls march to Durham
the Earl of Westmorland and his raise 1500 foot soldiers. Loyalty is Cathedral, tear down any
forces at Westmoreland's castle at torn between the Crown and Protestant images and celebrate
Brancepeth. rebels. mass.
22nd November 1569
The Earls reach Bramham Moor. 16th November 1569 15th March 1569
Their army is made up of 3800 foot Sussex writes to the Privy Council The rebels march south and enlist
soldiers and 1600 horsemen. All of to tell them of the difficulties he is support from Richmondshire and
the territory east of the Pennines is having raising an army. Neville's tenants at Kirby Moorside.
under this control.
30th November 1569
The rebels retreated to Richmond.
24th November 1569 One contingent captures 14th December 1569
The rebels turn back to Hartlepool, hoping a Spanish army Barnard Castle surrenders to the
Knaresborough. might land there to support them, Earls.
while the main body besieges
Barnard Castle.…read more

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Northern Rebellion - Events
19th December 1569
16th December 1569 A skirmish takes place between the
The royal army, moving up from the scouts of the royal army and the
south, reaches the River Tees. The scouts of the rebel army. The earls
Earls flee to Hexham. flee across the border into
Scotland.…read more

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Northern Rebellion - Results
Northumberland is
betrayed by a Scottish clan
About 450 Rebels executed and is sold back to the
English. He is beheaded in
York in 1572
Earl of Westmoreland
escapes abroad Results…read more


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