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Research methods
Part 2…read more

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Measures of central tendency:
Mode…read more

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Makes use of all the data, Needs to be interpreted
whereas others do not. with caution as there may
This makes it a sensitive be extreme scores.
measure of tendency. Eg.
The mean score of
= 64. This is misleading
as none of the scores are
near 64.…read more

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Not affected by extreme Does not take into
scores as it focuses on account all scores and
the centre of the does not work well with
distribution. small groups of scores.
Affected by alterations to
Eg. As with the previous
central values, so one
data, the mean is 31.5 different score would
which is a more accurate lead to very different
summary of the data. values.…read more

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Easiest to calculate Unreliable, for example,
Not affected by extreme the smallest of
values. differences between two
sets of data can produce
very different mode
values. E.g.
3,6,8,9,10,10 and
3,3,6,8,910.…read more

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Measures of dispersion:
Standard Deviation…read more

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