Psychological Investigations

Key Words

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Independent Variable

The variable which the researcher manipulates.

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Dependent Variable

The variable which the researcher measures.

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Quantative Data

Data in the form of numbers.

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Qualitative Data

Data collected by descriptions in words.

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In an experiment - how easily can it be replicated?
in an observation - consistency of measurements.

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Accuracy of the measurements.
Does it measure what it sets out to measure?

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Ecological Validity

How much like real life is the research?

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Demand Characteristics

A feature of the experiment (other than the independent variable) that influences a participant to try and guess what a study is about and look for clues on how to behave.

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Inter-rater Reliability

If two or more observers were observing the same behaviours, would they all record the same results?

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A method of collecting, summarising and analysing data for the purpose of drawing conclusions.

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Descriptive Statistics

Method of organising and summarising research and data in order to describe findings.

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Inferential Statistics

Statistical analysis that permits inferences about an underlying population from a sample.

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- Believing that one group is superior to another.
- Favouring one group of people.

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Pilot Study

A smaller scale study conducted prior to research.

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Concerns relating to what is regarded as acceptable human behaviour.

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Random Sample

A sampling method where every member of the 'parent' population has an equal chance of being chosen.

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Opportunity Sample

When a group of people is selected because they are available.

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Parent Population

The people who you are interested in studying, you then pick your sample from this population.

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Volunteer Sample

Where participants volunteer when asked or in response to an advertisement.

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Part of 'parent' population selected to be representative.

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