How to Answer a 6 Mark Question for AQA Religious Studies GCSE

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  • Give the view of the Roman Catholic Church and reasons for their view
    • How to Answer 6 Mark Questions for AQA Religious Studies GCSE
      • Give the view of a group of people who oppose the view of the Roman Catholic Church and reasons for their view
        • For example: Other people think that abortion is okay because women should be able to decide what happens to their own bodies.
      • Use Catholic Church teaching to support the Catholic Church's views
        • For example: The Catholic Church use the teaching "Thou shall  not kill" as evidence for their views against abortion
      • You MUST give your opinion and reasons for that opinion to either introduce your answer OR conclude your answer
        • For example: In my opinion, abortions are okay under some circumstances such as **** because keeping the baby in instances such as this coula cause severe psychological distress to the mother. However, i do belive that the sanctity of life is very important.
    • For example: The Roman Catholic Church does not agree that abortions are right because they go against the sanctity of life.


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