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Contains notes on the major topics found in both the full course and short course exams. 

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Samsara ­ they cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Each life is like a link in a chain, separate but
Moksha ­ the aim of every Hindu is to break free of the cycle of rebirth, and become one
with brahma again. It is like a water drop re-joining the ocean
Reincarnation ­ being born again, each rebirth takes the soul to a better life. Each life is
about understanding a little bit more about god. A soul may have to work through many
Karma ­ where a person starts in life depends upon their karma. Karma can be both good
and bad deeds/actions. The karma you gained in your last life affects your next life
Ahimsa ­ ahimsa or harmlessness is extremely important in Hinduism. Hindus aim to live
their life without causing any harm. Any harm or hurt to other people, animals or the
environment results in bad karma
Dharma ­ the duties of your life. Each life has different dharma, the duties of a plant and
animal are not the same of those of a human

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`God created man in his own image, in the image of god he created him; male and female
he created them'
`There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free.…read more

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o 1967 Abortion Act ­ Abortion is allowed up to 28 weeks [ 2 doctors must agree to the
abortion, and each case is judged differently]
o 1990 human fertilisation and embryo act ­ reduced the limit to 24 weeks
o Abortion is legal if ;
If there is a danger that going through with the pregnancy will endanger
the mother's life
If the pregnancy will affect the mother's mental and physical well being
If the pregnancy is a risk to other children's mental…read more

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Love thy neighbour'
`Though shall not murder'
`You did knit me together in my mother's womb'
Roman Catholics
o life starts at conception
o only god has the right to take life
o abortion is the same as murder
Church of England
o life starts at conception
o sometime abortion is the `lesser evil' [ it is seen as the kind thing to do if the child will be
severely disabled]
o ahimsa [ you are harming the baby]
o it is your duty…read more

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Meat eater ­ someone who eats meat
Vegetarian ­ does not eat meat
Vegan - does not eat any animal products
Humane treatment ­ treated with respect
Inhumane treatment - treated without respect
Intensive farming ­ all the animals are packed together in a small area so the farmers can
make more money from the livestock
Organic farming ­ not a lot of pesticides used
Free range ­ animals are allowed to move more freely
All religions believe that
o Animals should be treated…read more

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Human beings can rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the air and all of the creatures
that move along the ground'…read more

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The environment
Food miles - the distance food has travelled to get on your plate
Deforestation - the cutting down of forests
Global warming ­ the warming of the earth cause by greenhouse gases
Stewardship - the idea that the world is god's creation and is holy, sacred and special.…read more

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Conflict and peace
Passively - to show no reaction
Aggressively - to be ready to fight
Conflict - an argument or fight
Consequences ­ the actions in response of your behaviour
Nuclear weapons ­ atomic bomb
Mass destruction ­ causing harm on a huge scale
World peace ­ harmony
Pacifism ­ people who oppose conflict and refuse to take part in war no matter what
Just war ­ a war in the interest of justice
Bullying ­ when you pick on someone weaker than you…read more

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Harming god's creation
o Ahimsa
o Destruction
o Poverty
o Harms the environment
o Mental damage
o physical damage
o Emotional damage
o Refugees
Just war
o The war must be for a just cause
o The war must be lawfully declares by a lawful authority
o All other ways of resolving the problem should have been tried first
o There must be a reasonable chance of success
o The means use should be propionate to the end that the war wants to achieve
How…read more

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Harmful to the economy
o Costs millions to repair the damage
o Ahimsa
o Bad karma
o Laws of Manu suggest killing is acceptable if it prevents a worse situation from occurring
o Fighting in a war can be a part of dharma
`For a warrior, nothing is higher than a war against evil'
`Blessed are the peace makers'
`Turn the other cheek'
`Though shall not kill'
`Whoever has no sword must sell his coat and buy'
`God is both a warrior and…read more


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