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Samsara ­ they cycle of birth, death and rebirth. Each life is like a link in a chain, separate but

Moksha ­ the aim of every Hindu is to break free of the cycle of rebirth, and become one
with brahma again. It is like a water drop…

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`God created man in his own image, in the image of god he created him; male and female
he created them'

`There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free. There is neither male nor
female: for you are all one in Christ'

`Whatever you wish…

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o 1967 Abortion Act ­ Abortion is allowed up to 28 weeks [ 2 doctors must agree to the
abortion, and each case is judged differently]
o 1990 human fertilisation and embryo act ­ reduced the limit to 24 weeks
o Abortion is legal if ;
If there is…

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o god created all life in his image including the unborn child
o children are a gift from god
o life is hold and belongs to god
o you have to show love to all living things including the unborn baby

`Love thy neighbour'

`Though shall not murder'

`You did…

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Meat eater ­ someone who eats meat

Vegetarian ­ does not eat meat

Vegan - does not eat any animal products

Humane treatment ­ treated with respect

Inhumane treatment - treated without respect

Intensive farming ­ all the animals are packed together in a small area so the farmers…

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`Human beings can rule over the fish in the sea, the birds in the air and all of the creatures
that move along the ground'

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The environment
Food miles - the distance food has travelled to get on your plate

Deforestation - the cutting down of forests

Global warming ­ the warming of the earth cause by greenhouse gases

Stewardship - the idea that the world is god's creation and is holy, sacred and special.…

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Conflict and peace
Passively - to show no reaction

Aggressively - to be ready to fight

Conflict - an argument or fight

Consequences ­ the actions in response of your behaviour

Nuclear weapons ­ atomic bomb

Mass destruction ­ causing harm on a huge scale

World peace ­ harmony


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o Harming god's creation
o Ahimsa
o Destruction
o Poverty
o Harms the environment
o Mental damage
o physical damage
o Emotional damage
o Refugees

Just war

o The war must be for a just cause
o The war must be lawfully declares by a lawful authority
o All other…

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o Harmful to the economy
o Costs millions to repair the damage


o Ahimsa
o Bad karma
o Laws of Manu suggest killing is acceptable if it prevents a worse situation from occurring
o Fighting in a war can be a part of dharma

`For a warrior, nothing is…


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