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Why is Tawhid important for Muslims? How do Muslims show their belief in the oneness of God?
Believing in the oneness of God is the foundation of Islam. Nothing is worth worshipping apart from God.
Taught in the Holy Book which Muslims believe is the word of God. Reciting the Shahadah and Bismillah.
Helps Muslims think of God as the focal point of life. Remembrance of God whilst performing salah.
Helps Muslims follow the teaching and example of the Prophet. Muslims are united by their belief in the oneness of God.
Helps Muslims make sense out of life. Living creatures are treated with respect as all life comes from and
Gives Muslims a sense of purpose and direction in their life. belongs to God.
It breaks the Shahadah. Believing in the oneness of God shows Muslims are true to their din.
The Holy Book states that 'God forgives not that partners should be set up
with Him'.
Unity is the idea that everyone and everything is united by their belief in the Ibn Abbas: Minor shirk is like a black ant creeping on a black stone on a
oneness of God. God holds the Universe together, nothing can do this except for moonless night.
Him as He is unique. Tawhid is the foundation of Islam and everything stems from By committing shirk Muslims break the commitment made by reciting the
this belief. Shahadah, it takes away the purity of Islam.
Muslims think that God is... The Holy Book states 'Behold, your Lord said to the angels I will create a Khalifah
Forgiving as as He forgives people's mistakes. on Earth' and 'It is He who made you custodians and inheritors of the Earth'.
Loving as He is our creator. The Holy Book states that God loves everyone Khalifah is the idea that the Earth belongs to humans and we will be judged by
He has created. God on this responsibility that we have. This reinforces the idea that God is the
creator of this world. God has given humans authority over other animals this
Supportive as He is with people in times of hardship. doesn't meant that other animals shouldn't be treated with respect.
Caring, kind, merciful, compassionate, magnificent... these can be found
in the 99 Names of God.
Al ­ Qadr helps Muslims in bad times as it shows that God is control of future Angels are mentioned in the Holy Book:
events and there is a reason for there downfall. They say Inshallah as God only they are made from light (noor).
knows what is going to happen in the future. Our lives have been decided for us created to carry out the exact instructions of God.
before we are born, if they weren't the Al ­ Qadr won't have any meaning.
they have no free will therefore are counted as lower in importance than
The number of them is limitless.
They are invisible but may appear on special occasions in human for for
example on the Night of Power.

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God and human life:
A believer will surrender every part of his life to God's will and will become His servant.
Believing in Tawhid means that everything is a part of God and life must be lived to reflect the oneness of God.
Everything a Muslim does must be in obedience to the laws and teachings of God, that have been written in the Holy Book and taught by the Prophet. This will
make them a better Muslim.…read more

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How can Muslims avoid shirk?
Pray salah 5 times a day as it prevents Muslims from committing sins, including shirk. When praying, concentrate on God and only Him. When praying have a
special place where there are no images or drawings that can distract a person whilst worshipping. Men should go to the mosque to pray as it is the ideal place for
Watch less hours of TV or don't watch certain programmes that may cause a person to commit shirk.…read more

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Some of the main angels in Islam: Why are angels important?
Jibril is the angel that brought the words of the Holy Book to the Prophet. A vital part of communicating a person's bad and good thoughts and deeds
Izrail is the angel of death. back to God on the Day of Judgement.
Mikail is angel who is the guardian of places of worship. They convey the exact uncorrupted message of God.
Israfil is the angel who is the herald of the Day of Resurrection.…read more

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Muslims believe that today these books contain many errors for example they Muslim teaching on Holy Books:
believe that the Christian Gospels have been changed by people over time, to say They demonstrate that God cares for people as He revealed His message
that Isa (Jesus) was crucified and arose from the dead. Instead Muslims believe to people over time.
that Isa didn't die but ascended to Heaven by God.…read more

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The Revelation: The Night Journey:
Muhammed used to spend time alone in prayer and meditation. He was meditating One night in Makkah in about 620CE. Muhammed was awake so he went to pray
one day, in a cave in Mountain Hira, who saw Angel Jibril who commanded hi m to in the sacred mosque. He fell asleep. The Angel Jibril woke him and led him back
recite the words he could see before him. Angel Jibril said 'Iqra' (giving him the to the mosque.…read more

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The Koran contains the first principles of Shariah. To this, the Sunnah and Hadiths 1. The Koran is the first and most important book for guidance for
have been added to develop the Shariah law. Shariah is important as all these Muslims. It contains principles on which the Shariah is based.
teachings have been accumulated to form this and they provide information, help 2. But as the Muslims community grew and expanded, new
and spiritual guidance.…read more

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Men and women are separated during prayer. Sometimes women will stand behind The role and importance of the mosque in the local Muslim community:
the men but there are usually separate prayer areas for them. There is a place for Modern mosques have been built in the traditional style and cater for the
washing inside the mosque. When Muslims come to pray, both the place where needs of Muslims, who belong to certain movements or groups in Islam.…read more

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Imams lead prayers at weddings and funerals. They visit those who are
sick or in prison.
They give guidance and counselling to those who face issues. They help
children learn the Koran, to understand its teaching, to learn some Arabic
so that later on in life the teachings of Islam are easier to understand.
At Friday congregational prayers the imam outlines teachings in the
Koran, then explains the meaning and how it should be applied by
Muslims in their lives.…read more

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The importance of an imam: How did Muslims divide to form Sunni and Shia'h:
Prayers are important and the imam leads the prayers. Muslims divided after the passing of the Prophet to form Sunni and Shi'ah. It was
They ensure that children learn about Islam and help Muslims apply the over the issue of who should lead the Muslim community after Muhammad's
rules of Shariah law in their daily lives. They make sure that Muslims passing.
follow what is halal and reject what is haram.…read more


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