RS Belief About Deity Revision Notes

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Belief about Deity Revision Notes

Christian belief about the nature of God:

Christians believe in one God – Monotheism. They believe that God is both:

·         Transcendent – Beyond space and time

·         Immanent – Present in all parts of the world.

Different characteristics of God

Omnipotent – All-powerful

Omniscient – All-knowing

Omnibenevolent – All-loving

Omnipresent – is present everywhere at the same time

Transcendent – is all above

Immanent – Present all around the world

Eternal – Has no end

Holy – Spiritual

Trinity – Three in one (unity)

Personal – takes part in your life

Active and sustainer – active in the world and is the sustainer of creation. Creation is totally dependent on God for its existence moment by moment.

Creator – The creator of the world and everything in it

Absolute – He is necessary to our world


Trinity – This means that God is three in one, God is a Father (creator and power behind the world), a Son (saviour, redeemer) and a Holy Spirit (brings new life). Each does a different thing throughout the world, although they all work together (shamrock, three leaves = one shamrock). So Christian’s worship one God in different forms ten commandments – there is one God.

Theist – Someone who believes in God

Atheist – Someone who believes there is no God

Agnostic – Someone who is not sure about what to believe

Reasons to believe in God - Religious experience, design argument, moral argument, design argument, God created the world, Inner strength comes from god, World wars were started by people with no religion eg Stalin and Hitler, revelation – hidden then saw it

Reason not to believe in god – Suffering, evolution, Karl Marx – opium of the people, sacred texts are made up

The Cosmological argument - Thomas Aquinas ‘worked out’ the Cosmological Argument to prove the existence of God. He argued that we know everything has a cause and that something cannot come out of nothing. If everything in life has a cause – and that has a cause... and that has a cause... and that has a cause... then it is logical to argue the universe as a whole has a cause because you cannot have an infinite number of causes, therefore there must be one uncaused cause. Something, or someone, must have caused the universe to come into existence; Christians believe that God must have caused it to come into existence. Atheists tend to believe in The Big Bang Theory.


The Big Bang Theory - The Big Bang is one theory of the beginning of the universe. Although it is a scientifically based theory, some Christians choose to believe that God may have instigated the Big Bang, to create the universe. Atheists and agnostics would argue that the big bang theory was pure chance. The Big Bang Theory was an explosion of heat and as the earth cooled, elements like helium and hydrogen were created and life began




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